December 8, 2023

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Football, excellence, play, relegation

Football, excellence, play, relegation

Not only the playoffs are in distinction, because on the last day of the regular season, the play mode will also be determined. Through regulation, the last two classifieds are directly relegated to the promotion, while the playoffs are avoided in the case between the two teams that will face each other (ninth vs. twelfth and tenth vs. eleventh) there are more than eight points behind.

Having said that, Ottaviano (18 points), Forza e Curagio (14) and Vis Ariano (4) went down in the first set. It will include the only 10th and 11th match, with Pomigliano (34 points), Virtus Campania, Saviano and Seta di Avellino in just two points.

In Group B, they are sure that they have already received the Napoli Nord class (0 points) and Parano (11), while Neapolis is hanging by a thread 10 points behind ninth Madaloni with 33 points. Other play will instead include Sant’Antonio Abate (27 points) and Real Forio (26). Only the domain operator is specified.

In Group C, the sportingly relegated Calpasio (17 points) and Virtus Cilento (5), there is a brawl between the two playoffs. Sant’Anello (32 points), Faiano (29), Costa D’Amalfi (29) and Avatorna (29) will cross each other and only two points will be saved directly. Castel San Giorgio (26) and Salernum (23) will have to figure out who to challenge.

In short, Vis Ariano, Ottaviano, North Naples, Barano, Calpazio and Virtus Cilento are already relegated to the Forza e Courage. Neapolis is at very high risk, while the other four touchdowns will be knocked out by the playoffs.

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