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Alpine Hockey League Cortina inflicts first defeat in the playoffs in Jesenice and tie the final series – FISG

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SG Cortina Hafro won the final match of the Alps Hockey League for the first time ever, thus tying the series 1:1. Ampezzani beat HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice 4:1 to inflict first defeat in the Balkans (after nine consecutive victories in the quarterfinals). Biancocelesti played a substantial game, very tactical and intense and was supported by De Filippo in fine form. Highlights Mikael Saha who scored a brace. The series finale will continue in Jesenice on Thursdays at 20:00.

Coach Giorgio de Peten’s squad could also have Tommaso Alvira at his disposal who in the third half of Match 1 suffered a blow in the face and had prematurely ended the first match of the final which Ampezu’s players lost 4 to 2. On the other hand, the match begins in Olimpico in a completely different way than the Biancoceleste. Already six minutes later, Gregory Di Tomaso gave the home team the lead. After that it was the same tactical contest as in the first game with the defenses getting the upper hand. Cortina was certainly supported by Di Filippo who made the difference.

Only after Jesenice’s 50 goalkeeper was Antti Karjalainen beaten again, next Michael Zanata made it 2: 0. This time, however, the guests got the correct answer and halved the disadvantage (1: 2) with striker Zhan Yezhovsk (32nd goal of the season) less than a minute later. Jesenice then tried it all again, but when Nick Civornik had to come off the bench, less than three minutes before the third siren, Cortina had a strong stand.

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Ampezzo’s own team managed to score a key goal in the match’s economy With Mikael Saha when there were 127 seconds left in the 60th minute Later on, Jesenice also played power and took goaltender Karjalainen off the ice in a six-for-four situation. But the result changed, but in favor of the owners of the land. With six seconds left, Saha reached for the puck again and made a perfect eyelash to bring the final score to 4:1 for the rifle team. The final series will continue in Jesenice on Thursday at 20:00 with the third game of the series which, after Cortinas’ success, extends to at least Game 5.

Alpine Hockey League:
SG Cortina Hafro – SIJ Acroni Jesenice 4:1 hard drive (1:0, 0:0, 3:1)
Referees: MOSCHEN, REZEK, Arlic, De Zordo | Spectators: 640
Attitude Series 1:1
SGC targets: 1: 0 Di Tomaso G. (6. Saha M. – Adami F.), 2: 0 Zanatta M. (50. Seed J. – Adami F.), 3: 1 Saha M. (58./ PP1 Zanatta L. – Traversa T.), 4: 1 Saha M. (60./EN/SH1 Cuglietta D. – Zanatta M.)
Goal JES: 2: 1 Jezovsek Z. (52. Urukalo Z. – Planko D.)

Copyright: Giovanni Castoldi

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