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Quadruple skimming, tricks to avoid forfeiture from amnesty

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difficult in Quadruple scraping It doesn’t make much progress for membership or the ability to access the facilitated definition set out in the Budget Act 2023. The hardest part of those who join with big debts that arise from more than one tax bill, should be avoided Cancellation of amnesty.

When submitting an application to cancel a reservation, in fact, one can count on a series of advantages, such as suspending a reservation, but the taxpayer also faces a series of disadvantages that he must necessarily take into account.

The taxpayer must comply with Strict installment plan which he will not always be able to respect if he has economic problems. This is above all, as we mentioned at the beginning, the The initial debt is very high. In this case, the risk you are exposed to is the forfeiture of the pardon which entails a return to the payment of the original debt including fines and interest. Because, we must remember, Just don’t pay a premium Or pay it more than 5 days late to lose all cancellation benefits.4.

However, there are tricks that can be implemented to avoid scrapping forfeiture entirely if, hypothetically, one should find themselves short of funds by a certain deadline.

The first cases of division of the rule

With very high loads caused by various tax bills, the advice is to file more than one cancellation request. This way, each instance will have a “life of its own” and if a premium is not paid, only that instance, not all of them, will lapse.

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In this way, if there is a shortage of liquidity, it will be possible to choose which premiums should not be paid while maintaining only the most favorable amnesty (the one that leads to the largest discount). Each example, of course, must refer to different folders.

Separate instance for specific folders

A separate application must then be filed, with payment in one resolution on July 31, for tax invoices that contain a debt consisting only of penalties.

In fact, it must be remembered that with scrapping, 4 fines and interest are completely eliminated, and the notification fee and any costs of enforcement proceedings still have to be paid.

It is understood that in this case the remaining debt for these tax bills is very small, and if it is paid in one solution on the 31st of July, the burden will be terminated definitively and immediately.

Even with the forfeiture of new premiums

For those who want to choose quadruple scraping without knowing whether risk of confiscation Could it be real or not, we like to say he can choose to pardon without any fear. This is because, unlike the provisions of the previous version of skimming (la ter), for this year’s version there is access to New regular installment plan in the event of confiscation.

The new regular installment plan will indicate, among other things, the initial debt from which the amounts paid will be deducted, perhaps, with cancellation, and which will be withheld as an advance payment from the total amount.

Therefore, while it was not possible to request a normal installment plan for those who lapsed from the third-semester abolition, the 2023 Budget Law provides for the possibility of debt deferment without pardon in the event of concessional definition being forfeited.

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