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Alpine Hockey League, Asiago close to playoffs and Guerdina over pre-qualifiers – FISG

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The next round of the Alpine Hockey League is scheduled for Thursday and Friday. In the main round, leader Migros Supermarket Asiago Hockey could be the first team to win a direct qualification to the quarter-finals. In addition, even in the qualifying round, the first teams have the opportunity to reach the preliminary rounds. The best chances are in the hands of Red Bull Hockey Juniors (Group A qualifying leader) and HC Gherdeina (Group B qualifying leader).

Fassa tries to restart from Lustenau which they won in the first leg with the only point so far they have won in the Master Round.

Last Saturday, EHC Lustenau lost to Cortina at home 3: 4, while losing the previous match against Renon. In this way, the Ambizan team outperformed the Vorarlburgers, which is why EHC is currently out of the direct places in the qualifiers as it finished fifth in the standings. Fassa Falcons’ opponents have only been able to get one point in the main round, since the second stage has begun, so they are at the bottom of the rankings. The Falcons’ only slight jolt in their last six games won in the first leg against Lustenau with the Austrians winning on penalties 3:2. The Falcons expect a victory from January 22nd. In the direct clashes between EHC and Fasa, the Vorarlberg team is clearly ahead with a ratio of 10: 2. In Fassa’s list you have to deal with the circumstances of the Hungarian “goalkeeper” Adam Vay. Last week, he only played the first 27 minutes against Asiago, then never came back, skipping the next game completely against Renon. The reserve Domenico Dalla Santa was used in his place while in the final 10 minutes of the match against Boam, 21-year-old Tommaso Zanardi made his debut.

Absolute direct matches in Alps EHC – FAS: 10:2

Big game at Ritten Arena. Buam is looking for points to boost second place. Jesenice can’t take any more defeats after the defeat of the Slovenes for not attending Asiago.

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As runners-up, the Rittner Buams are currently competing for the direct bass qualification. The winner of the first stage of Year Six Alpine, HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice, follows in third place. The Slovenes struggled recently, losing to Cortina and Lustenau. Also on Tuesday, they were defeated at the table for not showing up at Asiago last Saturday. In this way, the Red Steelers, a nearly unbeatable team in the regular season, lost contact with the current leaders of Asiago’s main role from which I had 11 points with 4 games to play. Therefore, the Slovenian team also has to watch their back because even the fight to avoid the previous qualifiers is still very open with Cortina and Lustenau always lurking. On the other hand, Renon won with a score of 5:1 against Vasa, achieving his 20th consecutive win against the Hawks. In the first leg, Jesenice scored a close 3:2 win at home. For Renon, the shooting will be 48 hours. First the challenge against the Slovenes and then the trip to Asiago which will say a lot about Buams’ true ambitions to maintain the current second place in the main round which means a lot in terms of opponent selection in qualifying. And the advantage of the track at least until any semi-finals.

Absolute head-to-head clashes in the Alps RIT – JES: 9:12

The Venice Derby is back. Will Ambizani be able to break the Giallorossi’s dominance? Asiago is one step away from conquering direct access and sports qualifiers with the goal of boosting wide margins over all followers.

With 21 points out of a possible 21, Migross Supermercati Asiago Hockey is the undisputed main tour queen for a season giving a lot more to the Giallorossi group. In addition to the undisputed team strength coached by coach Tom Barrasso, there was also the victory over the non-attendance Jesenice at Odegarh Stadium last Saturday. At this point, it will only be one point in the Veneto derby at the Olympique and the players are safe in the upcoming quarter-final matches. But there is also another option. Even defeat could suffice if Lustenau does not win at regular match times in a contemporary match against Vasa. On the other hand, Cortina is currently ranked fourth in the rankings. The formation of coach Machaca recently showed great cohesion and clarity by achieving two important results such as victories in Jesenice and Lustenau, which gave a huge boost to Biancocelesti’s standings. In particular, the recent sharp of 4:3 against Leone del Vorarlberg (a former Giftopoulos star), allowed the Venetians to leave the bottom of the main round and enter directly into the area worthy of direct access to the playoffs. However, against Asiago, Cortina expects a win from nine matches in all competitions (Serie A and Alps). The leaders of the tournament and the defending champion Italy won 4: 2 in the first leg of the Masters round. However, the last live challenge dates back to February 8 when Vicenza handily beat Ampezzo players by 4:1 in the first Scudetto stage challenge of IHL – Serie A which would then pave the way for their third consecutive Giallorossi title, and eighth in its history.

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Absolute direct matches in Alps COR- ASH: 7:13

Bronco Test for Red Bulls

The Group A winners of the Red Bull Hockey Juniors qualifiers secured their ticket to the preliminary rounds with a victory on Thursday. But even with the defeat, the Salzburg team could eventually succeed. Wiptal Broncos player Winstephan is also on his way to the playoffs. He is third in the standings, currently six points ahead of fourth. The Broncos are a strong opponent of the Young Bulls. In seven of the last eight duels, Sterzing has had success. The memory goes back to last year when the Broncos surprisingly eliminated the Yug Bulls in the previous playoffs. But in the first leg of the playoffs, RGBJ clearly won 4:1 over Wipptal.

Absolute direct matches in Alps – RBJ – WSV: 5:14

The Furies are trying to close their pre-qualifier speech

HC Ghedeina could mathematically beat the preliminaries for the match at home on Thursday. The current Group B leader has a ten-point advantage over fourth-placed Zell am See. With BEMER VEU Feldkirch, Team Ladins are second in the standings, who are also seven points behind. Both teams come back from success in the final round of play. It brings back the memory of the Go Challenge when Gerdina found himself ahead in a 4:1 ratio to be then beaten by a 5:4 ratio. The match winner was scored for VEU by Steven Birnstill one minute before the match ended. But lately, the comparison between the two teams has always been high if we think that last year Gerdina, as a big surprise, knocked VEU out of the playoffs, winning the pre-qualifier series. It should also be noted that VEU is one of the most persistent Alpine squads in recent months with 13 wins in its last 14 matches.

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Absolute head-to-head clashes in the Alps – GHE – VEU: 6:11

In the only match on Friday, HC Meran/o Pircher will play Vienna Capitals Silver. In the Group B qualifying classification, the two teams came in fifth (HCM) and sixth (VCS) respectively. Thus, participation in the preliminaries is already far away for both teams. On Friday, the two opponents traded for the first time in the Alpine Hockey League (regular season games were skipped due to health precautions). In an equal match, Miran won with a score of 2: 1.

Absolute direct matches in the Alps: HCM – VCS 1: 0

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