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“Unexpected successes on and off the field with Suning. The mission…”

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Today’s guest at the “Social Football Summit 2023” taking place at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, Alessandro AntonelloCEO of the company“Inter, This is how he spoke from the scene of the event. Based on the concept Sustainability In modern football: “It’s a term that seems obvious, but it has certainly come into prominence with the pandemic.European football suffered 7 billion losses Stopping with the Italian, the regime lost more than a billion – the words of the Nerazzurri director quoted by -. Here, the European Football Association intervened with new rules and launched financial sustainability regulations. Stricter rules on the one hand, but they allowed the clubs most affected by the epidemic to gradually recover. Solvency must be one of the cornerstones of the system, otherwise it is at risk of collapse. Previously, the focus was on revenue growth, but now cost management has become key. All of these rules work to ensure the balance of football. As a club, from a strategic point of view, we always wanted to reduce the two dimensions: competitiveness and financial sustainability, and this is often not compatible, but we wanted to pursue it with great effort. A path that was born years ago, and the successes on and off the field are not improvised, and were born after Suning took over the club. Our mission was to return successes to the sporting field by gradually investing in the team to be competitive, but also working off the field with a strategy aimed at expanding our fan base.”

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How are the two sides combined?
“Sporting results are key because they amplify what is done behind the scenes. Today, after the last matches in the Champions League, we are in eighth place in the UEFA rankings, whereas when we implemented our strategy we were in 45th place. It is the fruit of these years’ work but we hope for the best.” “He hasn’t arrived yet.”

What are the goals for the future?
“The path of sustainability is the path that we will keep in mind in the coming seasons. A path that is inevitable for everyone, not just for Inter. All this will not be at the expense of performance on the pitch. So we expect further emissions reductions.” “The club’s losses are due to the goals achieved on the field.”

Pitch question.
“We are working on a new San Siro. The infrastructure shows tangible signs of inadequacy compared to those of major European infrastructures. We are still following this path, as today we record further slippage. The third assessment report rules the restriction on the second episode has been postponed to December because the section that was supposed to discuss the topic was not the right section, and the message that must be sent is that in Italy we find ourselves forced to fight with an administrative system that does not facilitate investments. We are happy with that “European Championship mission, but we have been working on the stadium project since The year is 2019 and we need certain times to close the gap with the major European teams. The San Siro project is on standby today.”

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Stadium in Rozano.
“Saleh Road, that area is owned by the Kapasi family with whom we have exclusivity until 2024. Today we are carrying out all the assessments that need to be done by all the consultants. The only critical issue we see is the one related to traffic because it is already a fairly congested area. Therefore, There may be problems with the construction of the stadium. However, it is a suitable area to host not only the stadium, but also all those activities related to it. We would also like to place our headquarters and our activities for citizens and contribution in the cities of Rozano and Assago. Our goal is to make infrastructure and services available to citizens.”

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