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Italian Hockey League, the 13th day is full of important challenges

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The first midweek round of the season brings IHL teams back to the field between Tuesday and Wednesday.

Round 13 of the AHL League kicks off on Tuesday with a high-profile match between Valdifiemme and Alleghe

The most important match of the draw will come immediately, given that at 20.30 on Tuesday, Fiemme (second) will host Alleghe (4), in a very important podium match. The people from Trentino are arriving after the important successes of Caldaro and Appiano that have relaunched them, and now for coach Erwin Costner’s squad it is essential to find continuity to stay near the top. At the level of hot sticks, to underline the great season of Val Gardena’s Gabriel Vinatzer, 21 points (12 + 9) and Fiemme’s top scorer so far, so behind him expert Roupec (7 + 7) proves to be a key player for the balance of the team. However, Fiemme will need to test the team to beat Alleg who has returned from eight wins in his last 9 matches. The 4-0 he suffered against Unterland was removed, and Civette was perfect in the last period. What makes the difference at this point is the great defensive solidity of Fontana’s side, who can count on Scola who has grown so much in the stands but also on a team willing to sacrifice: it would take a perfect match to beat Cavalles, but this Alleghe seems to know no bounds.

On festive Wednesdays, it begins in the late afternoon at the Agora in Milan. Unterland leaders against Varese

Wednesday, the first game on the calendar is the match against leaders Interland and I partnered with Varese. The Agora begins at the age of 18 with a mastiff who will go on the hunt for a second exciting inversion after the one that was placed in the Caldaro. Despite the team’s weakness due to absences (Tellaro will serve the last day of elimination) and injuries, Paraso’s side have shown that they have a very practical and tangible system of play. Among the goals will be Simone Armand Bellon, a former Serie A goalkeeper who is back in action after a long hiatus. There is likely to be a lot of work for him given the opponent: Unterland are a stubborn side at certain times, passing Brixen 7 to 0 discovered at their expense on Saturday. Despite significant absences with the Under 20 team, the Cavaliers have now cemented their qualities with a game able to maintain a very high pace and be a tough third-placed defensive tackle: he scored an unparalleled 48 goals, but it’s not over yet. With 22 goals conceded, South Tyrol is considered IHL’s best defense, relying on the performance of two excellent goalkeepers such as Steiner and Giovannilli.

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Continue to Chiavina. Caldaro seeks redemption against Cuomo

At 6.45 p.m. Como will return to Chiavina, a temporary track on his turf until the construction of the Casasati Stadium, to host Caldaro. Plenty of absences weighed heavier in the last leg against 1-3 against Bergen at Larian’s home, but there is confidence to recover some elements that can extend the team’s cycle that has so far been the biggest surprise of the tournament. Da Rin’s forces focus on a very short and defensive game, when he can keep matches closed with a few goals, he is able to beat anyone, and there are already many important rackets obtained so far. To avoid making it to the “List”, Caldaro needs a clear reaction after two consecutive defeats that cost him first place. 5-1 with Fiemme and 1-4 with Varese are results that indicate some offensive difficulties on the part of the bayonets, who are equipped and experienced enough to know how to restart when needed. Caldaro’s three points are non-negotiable, and he is forced to leave again so as not to lose touch with the top of the standings when the remaining days are fewer and fewer.

Sharply growing Bergen defies Bressanone

From 7.00 pm, the restaurant Pergine-Bressanone also starts. The hosts reclaimed their start in the standings with double success against Interland and Como, two different victories that made us understand the value of Ambrosi’s ranks. Without primary goalkeeper Rigoni, Lynx managed to put together a gritty game as they closed off many spaces in front of opponents, and managed to contain the dangers by unleashing an attack that is always among the healthiest in this category. The arrival of Canadian Sanvido is significant, immediately on target, adding quality to the division, but the team of thirty hard workers still manages to surprise any opponent. Bressanone arrives at the rendezvous at a particularly challenging moment of his season, with three defeats in his last four games slowing his progress and his ninth place in the standings pointing to the need for a spin. South Tyrolean still has talented players to get out of a complicated situation, even if it will first take to recover after an apparent defeat against Unterland as the Falcons were placed under every area of ​​the game.

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Icebears host Pirates: The showdown between the penultimate and last group in the standings

The program ends with the South Tyrol derby match between Dobbiaco and Appiano starting at 8pm, and Bustiersi was forced to recover after three straight stops, including the last time in Alige where the team showed they are there and want to fight. Taking advantage of the track factor will be important for Dobbiaco which, despite being in its first season in the category, has shown in recent months that it can target the central areas of the classification: to do this you need to race the component of focus and self-denial in an effort not to advance the aspect To Appiano who, with the latest addition to the market, has enhanced a lot. By adding Marco Franchini to his attack, Appiano actually found an important weapon for the department. So the Young Buccaneers will be looking for the second success of their season to try to highlight the growth that has been shown in recent weeks, but it will be necessary to restart from a defensive position that is at least effective in protecting the defending cage by Paller.

Italian Hockey League – Regular Season – Round 13 – 7/8 December 2021

March 07/12/2021 20:30 Valdifiemme HC Alleg Hockey
More 12/08/2021 18:00 HC Varese 1977 Hockey Interland Cavaliers
More 12/08/2021 18:45 hockey like SV Kaltern Caldaro rothoblaas
More 12/08/2021 19:00 Hockey Bergen Sabines HC Falcons Brixen Bressanone
More 12/08/2021 20:00 AHC Toblach Dobbiaco Icebears HC Iban Appiano
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Italian Hockey League standings – all teams with 12 matches

1 Hockey Interland Cavaliers 26 starting points
2 Valdivemi HC 25 points
3SV Caltern Caldaro Rothoplas 24 points
4 Allegiant Hockey 22 pts
5 Bergen Sabines Hockey 20 Points
6 HK Varese 1977 16 points
7 hockey kumo 15 points
8 AHC Toblach Dobbiaco Icebears 14 points
9 Hawks HC Brixen Bressanone 13 points
10 HC Eppan Appiano 5 points

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