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Pele, memory of Gianni Rivera

Gianni Rivera to remember pellet On social media:My friend who I always considered the greatest of all time has passed away. He knew how to use both feet equally, with the same sensitivity and with the same strength. If there were no football, he would certainly have invented it“. (read all)


The last message from Pele to Neymar

On the occasion of Brazil’s exit from the World Cup quarter-final against Croatia, pellet Sh has devotedn private letter, to quell the bitterness, prof Neymar: “I’ve watched you grow, I’ve been rooting for you every day, and finally I can congratulate you on equaling my goals tally with the Seleção. The two of us know this is much more than just a number. Sadly, it’s not a happy day for us, but you’ll always be a football inspiration.” I’ve noticed that the more time passes, the stronger our bond grows. My record has been set for nearly 50 years and until now no one has come close. You made it there, boy, and that adds to the value of your conquest.”


Gravina’s memory: “Pele was football”

A great pain, today sport is a great sadness, because Pele was football, and also thanks to him, in fact, it has become the most beloved and most played game in the world. Millions of people recognized him in a beautiful story of salvation and great passion. His class will forever brighten our eyesThis is the chief’s dedication figAnd the Gabriel Gravina.


Biden’s message about Pele

Even the President of the United States, Joe Bidento dedicate a message to Pele’s disappearance: “For a sport that unites the world like no other, Pele’s rise from humble beginnings to football legend is a story of what is possible.”


Bolsonaro declares three days of national mourning

“It is with regret that we mourn the death of a man who, through football, carried the name of Brazil to the world. He turned football into art and joy. May God comfort his family and welcome him to his infinite mercy.”. Words on the social networks of the outgoing President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro. A three-day national mourning was declared in honor of the Brazilian legend, when he was mayor Santos Seven declared in his city.

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Remembering Mazzola: “It wasn’t special”

“There was Pele, and then all the others. I watched him play there, on the same pitch and I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was two meters away, but he was over the moon. Part of me was gone.” Was it recognizable? I don’t believe in that. Because he passed the ball to his partner and then disappeared, immaterial to receive it again. He was very agile, a lightning bolt and would always fool you. It looked like it was made of rubber and was very crafty. Valcaregi decided to continue doubling the mark: it didn’t work. During the game we were constantly looking for him, to understand what he was doing. Our heads were full of commands to be carried out by heart, meter by meter almost, but the feelings were so great. Brazil was too: too much, for everyone.. It’s a memory Sandro Mazzolawho O’Rei first met in 1970 World Cup Final MexicoBrazil won.


Pele, the eternal love of football

Even in hospital, the Brazilian phenom never gave in to his greatest passion: last year he played that way. (Watch the video)


The most famous phrases Pele

“a Accuracy It’s a mean way to record.”And the “I Born for footballJust as Beethoven was born for music.”. still: the racism It must be fought, but football today is a mixture of races, religions and colors. I think the episodes you see depend more on the political and economic situation.”. Relive Pele’s extraordinary career through his career The most famous phrases. (read all)

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Pele’s funeral, all the details

a Golden coffin Reserved for years, seven days from Smith and the the body It will be shown on January 1 in Meydan SantosVila Belmiro, with gates open to the public for a day and a half. Follow all the details related to the funeral of the Brazilian legend. (read all)


The poignant memory of Neymar

“Before Pelé, football was just a sport. Pelé changed everything. He turned football into art and entertainment. He gave a voice to the poor, to the black people and above all: he gave a vision to Brazil.” It’s just part of the erotic memory of Neymar for Uri. (Watch the video) (read all)


What Pele leaves to the heirs

the Brazilian icon net worth exceeds one hundred million dollars According to the portal Celebrity net worth. uHe accumulated economic wealth throughout his life, not only from the world of football. (read all)


Pele, Maracana also lights up

The famous factory in Rio de Janeiro is lit up Golden lights To honor the Brazilian legend. (read all)


Naples, Pele and Maradona pictured together

memory From the De Laurentiis Club, who posted a photo O’ Rei with Pibe de Oro with engraving eternal. (read all)


Pele, Christ the Redeemer shines

Stunning photos from Rio de Janeiro where the famous statue was painted in the colors of the Brazilian national team (green and gold) in honor of Uri’s death. (read all)


When Pele praised Bologna at the Stadio

Between June and July 1971, Rossoble played three times against Santos. After the match, O’Rei wrote a letter to “Stadio” praising Bologna. (read all)

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Pele, tribute to Totti

Among the most heartfelt memories also emerged Francesco Totti. Even the former Roma captain wanted to pay homage to O Rei, who he often referred to as “Italian Pele”. (read all)


Pele, the touching message from his daughter

theThe first message, after Pele’s disappearanceIt belonged to the daughter Kelly birth. The post on social media made an impact in the football world. (read all)


Pele, front pages of newspapers around the world

Honoring the foreign press and Our newspaper For O’Rei’s Disappearance: Here are all the front pages. (read all)


Pele, A Life of O’Rei

The life of the Brazilian legend through more photos beautiful And the creative from his career. (read all)


Pele, an incomparable career

10 Paulista titles, 6 Brazilian championships, 2 Copa Libertadores, 2 Intercontinental Cups with Santos. 92 matches, 77 goals and 3 world cups won Brazil. total record 1,281 goals in 1,361 matches Disputed, recognized by FIFA. These are just some of the incomparable figures in Pele’s extraordinary career. (read all)


Pele, memory of the football world

messages from Condolences Many players, clubs and institutions mourn the death of the great Brazilian champion at the age of 82. (read all)


Pele, that’s when the funeral is

Oh my He will be buried in a vertical cemetery considered as The longest in the worldin the municipality of Santos. The funeral will take place on Tuesday, January 3 at Santosthe city in southeastern Brazil where “O Rei” played most of his career. (read all)

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