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All games announced, what’s your favorite game? –

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The THQ Nordic Digital Expo 2022 It’s over now and we’ve come to see a lot Toys. Now, we can quickly see what games were presented during the evening. What are your favourites?

The event held, first of all, a series of interesting surprises. In fact, we had the chance to watch the trailer for Alone in the Dark, a new game that remembers the trilogy that was born in the ’90s. Horror game and buildings will still be interesting.

We then move on to the trailer for Tempest Rising, a real-time strategy game set in an alternate version of our era.

Then there was Space for Sale, a small exploration and survival game in which we play an astronaut who has to build a home on a new planet.

The role then moved to the trailer for Wreckreation, a robotic driving game with a heavy focus on creating content to share with other players online.

However, the event also gave space to a series of already well-known games, of which we got new trailers. For example, Gothic should be one of the most anticipated by the audience, a reworking of the role-playing game, which is coming on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.

clash remake gothic style

If you prefer strategy, we point out that a new trailer for Jagged Alliance 3 has been released, which will be released exclusively on PC.

Then we move on to another comeback from the past: Outcast 2 A New Beginning, of which we saw a new trailer. The adventure will take us 20 years in the future compared to the original game and take us back to Adelpha.

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Anime fans will then be happy to see a new trailer for Spongebob SquarePants The Cosmic Shake, a platform game for PC and console that will take us on a journey to different colorful worlds as Spongebob and his friends.

Then came AEW Fight Forever, a very arcade wrestling game that will include many modes, weapons, and wrestlers to control.

After completely changing the genre, we saw the trailer for Knights of Honor II Sovereign, another strategy game with a medieval atmosphere that will take us to Europe or North Africa. It’s coming to PC.

We have also seen the destruction of all mankind! 2 rebopid, which is close to release. The action game will take us back to where Crypto is and take us back to the ’60s in all their psychedelic glory.

Then we saw Stuntfest World Tour, an adrenaline-pumping driving game that will allow 18 players to take on various competitions based on destruction and stunts.

Stuntfest World Tour
Stuntfest World Tour

A few days before its release, THQ thought well of showing a new trailer for Way of the Hunter, the upcoming hunting game on August 16, 2022. We will be able to hunt dozens of realistic animal species with day-night cycle and realistic weather conditions.

Finally, we’ve revisited The Valiant, a strategy film dedicated to the story of Theodoric of Achenburgo, a former crusader knight. It’s an RTS team, with many customization possibilities.

But there was another surprise announcement at the last second: a game in development in South Park! In short, it was a playful event, even though many of them were already well known. So tell us which ones you care about the most? Let’s talk about.

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