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I’m Cassamortari, Claudio Amendola movie review available on Prime Video :: Blog on Today

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From March 24, the movie is available on Prime Video CasamurtariDirected by Claudio Amendola and perform it Massimo GuineaAnd the Gianmarco TognazziAnd the Lucia OconAnd the Sonia BergamascuAnd the Eduardo Leo And in a small but crucial role too Piero Bello (Which makes the singer less honest and sincere than he really is.)

Intrigued by these cast names (to which a name has been added Francesca Neri who wrote the story with her husband Claudio Amendola), and eager to spend a few hours on a whim, we decided to watch this new Italian comedy. Unfortunately, we had better look elsewhere, or do anything but wait in vain for now Casamurtari It becomes a movie with all the embellishments. We explain why we were disappointed in this movie review, but first let’s sum up the plot briefly.

What is the theme of “I am Cassamortari”

The film begins with a prequel set in the past, when Giuseppe (Eduardo Leo), the predecessor of the Pasti family, started the family business, a funeral home (or, as they say in Rome, Casamurtari, specifically). Suppose the methods are not quite typical, considering that he deceived customers about the quality of the coffins and above all did not pay tax even by mistake.

Presently, Giuseppe’s four sons have inherited the company – and its methods – and they are: Giovanni (Massimo Gini), the eldest and mentor in fact; Maria (Lucia Oconi), who is interested in “personal relationships” with attractive widows; Marco (Gianmarco Tognazzi) is the makeup artist of corpses, and they are the only ones not keeping their eclectic silence; And finally, certainly younger than the other three, there’s Matteo (Alessandro Sperdotti), the company’s social media manager, who is not much appreciated by his brothers and sister.

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One day, news arrives that no one expected: A tax officer has noticed the Basti brothers’ funeral honors and is now demanding a very large tax bill that’s been paid over decades. A massive blow to the company, which – not to fail – will immediately need a very luxurious funeral to recover enough money to cover the debt.

Et voilĂ , the extravagant funeral arrives when Gabriel Arcangelo (Piero Bello), an openly anti-drug singer, dies badly falling from the stairs during a fight, made in the midst of no drugs, with manager Maddalena (Sonia Bergamasco). Gabriel was, among other things, the idol of Maria, who was shocked by the news and for the first time did not want the family business to take advantage of the situation.

And in fact, at first, Gabriel’s daughter, her father’s only heiress but not too fond of her, decided to hold a private, constrained funeral, without cameras or special guests. Then, however, Marco posts something on Instagram, Maddalena notices it and … Everything changes, but we stop here so as not to spoil, in case you decide to see it, despite everything. here Trailer D Casamurtari

Why don’t you see this movie?

If so far a movie looks like many others, know it Casamurtari It is not a movie like many others. In fact, the difficulty of reviewing this title in the Prime Video catalog stems from the fact that it is difficult to find the right “frame” to frame it. It’s been called “black humor,” but honestly we must have gotten away with that black humor.

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Because yes, the actors are all cute, some smiles here and there wring it out from well-meaning audiences like the rest of us, but “everyone has to die, but only a few gain” sounds a bit like black humor. And to be honest, the movie doesn’t have much to offer.

If the movie’s message is “respect for the dead,” sorry to say, it’s pretty trivial. And so the film slips away a bit, rather lightly (cit.), but without a shock, turning point, or moment that makes you think you’re watching a real movie, not a “tombstone” (thanks to our friend Edoardo for defining) Italian comedy.

At the end of the movie, unfortunately, we find ourselves contemplating the crisis of cinemas (meaning cinemas, not movies), which was exacerbated by two years of the pandemic, but is actually a process that has been going on for years, ever since they’ve started to welcome our homes with big smart TV screens Broadcasting platforms did the rest. We wondered how we would feel if we spent about ten euros to see Casamurtari In the cinema. Not good, that’s cheap but sure.

Rating: 4

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