April 24, 2024

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High on Life on Game Pass is a success – Multiplayer.it

High on Life on Game Pass is a success – Multiplayer.it

high on life It continues to register Great results on me game arcadeboth Xbox and PC, holding the top spots in the most played games for several days, placing itself above the most popular names.

At the time of writing, it’s ranked first in the cloud streaming division, ahead of Forza Horizon 5, Rainbox Six Siege, and Halo Infinite. Instead, we find it in second place on Xbox, beaten only by Minecraft, and in second place also on PC, where it couldn’t beat the platform’s holy beast: the Microsoft Solitaire Collection (yes, the successor to Solitaire is also very popular with Game Pass subscribers).

If we add to this data the success on Steam, where it also ranks first in the ranking among premium titles (it’s currently second only to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, which is nonetheless available), then it really looks like Justin Roiland’s game hit the mark. . Obviously, Rick and Morty’s sense of humor must have been very popular with gamers.

If you want more details, read our review of High on Life, where we wrote:

High On Life is an imperfect shooter, a rough gem that certainly doesn’t shine in its gameplay design, but instead proves extremely invaluable for its ability to make the player genuinely smile from start to finish of the adventure, one thing that rarely happens now in games. the video. Of course, there are problems and Squanch Games will have to learn from the mistakes made now that they’re dealing with the greats, but what a great future awaits Justin Roiland fans. In the first really significant production, the studio managed to capture the curiosity of many gamers, and now it has plenty of time to grow and develop towards an even more crazy and violent second chapter.

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