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The Udinese – Monza and Fiorentina – Spezia – AO Sport matches ended in a draw

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The first two matches kicked off today, Saturday, in the twenty-ninth round of the Italian Football League 2022-2023.. Included pre-Easter shift Udinese Monza and Fiorentina Spezia. In the first case, the tie reached 2-2, while in the Franchi match it ended in a surprising 1-1 draw at the end of a match full of chances.

with these results Florentine It remains in eighth place in the standings with 41 points, Udinese It moves to tenth place with 39, while Monza He is 13th with 35. Lo spicesFinally, its margin over the relegation zone was extended to +7, waiting for Verona’s response.

Judens Monza 2-2

Udinese took the field 3-5-2 With Silvestri in goal, Picao, Pegol and Perez in defence, then the midfield with Ezebu, Samardzic, Wallace, Lovric and Uduje, while the attacking duo consists of Beto and Najah. On the other hand, Mr. Palladino is shuffling the cards in his own country 3-4-2-1 from Monza to him With Di Gregorio in goal, then Antoffs, Pablo Mari and Ezzo in defence, the midfield with Cioria, Pescina, Rufila and Carlos Augusto, while Colbani and Sensi played behind Vallotti.

The challenge begins with the hosts pushing off and, after a compulsory stage, taking the lead. In the 18th minute, Wallace heads into the upright position of Loveric Who, alone, appeared before Di Gregorio, defeating him 1-0. And the Slovenian himself came close to doubling his lead a few moments later with a wonderful shot that was cleared by the goalkeeper, so it was the Brianza players who took the lead in the match, but it went 1-0 after the end of the first half. Just two minutes into the second half, Monza equalized. Crossing from Carlos Augusto’s left, broke through blaming Which leaves no way out for Silvestri at close range. The game has changed completely and the Brianza players are taking the lead. Minute 56′, a flawless restart, a ball from Sensei enters from the right Rovela And Silvestri breaks through with his first goal in Serie A. It seems that everything is leading towards the white and the red, who missed the score 3-1 on several occasions, but in the 90th minute Petajna Nestorovsky hits the area, which is a penalty kick. be toIn the 92nd minute from the penalty kick, he did not commit any error, and the score was 2-2.

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Fiorentina – Spezia 1-1

At 14.30 they went down to the square Fiorentina and Spice. Viola chose 4-3-3 With Terraciano in goal, Dudu, Martínez Quarta, Igor and Biraghi in defence, Bonaventura, Mandragora and Castrovilli, then Ikone, Cabral and Sutil up front. Spezia responded with a 4-3-3 With Dragowski in goal, Amiens, Ambado, Wisniewski and Nicolau in defence, then Ekdal, Borabia and Zorkowski in midfield, while the trident consists of Giasi, Nezola and Maldini.

The challenge begins with the Italian coach’s team attacking, but it takes 25 minutes to open the score. Nice personal work Biraghi who, from left, attempts the cross. cross skew by Wisniewski Who mocks Dragovski and gives Fiorentina the lead. But Lo Spezia responded immediately. 32nd minute, a long throw from the defense, down He surpasses Igor in physics, takes advantage of a flawless exit from Terracciano and scores 1-1. The match moves into the second half with the hosts continuing to push but not pushing. Brekalo enters the field and in the 60th minute hits the post with a nice low shot. Viola’s attack is steady, and the yellow cards fall on the Ligurians, while Jovic comes close to scoring the goal 2-1 in the 88th minute, with a diagonal shot that goes off with a hair. We arrived in the 90th minute, Shomorodov hit two goals against zero towards the Fiorentina goal and instead of sending his team-mate alone in front of the goal, he tried “Scavito” which Terraciano thwarted without any problem. In extra time, the hosts stormed into Dragowski’s goal, but the score remained firmly at 1-1.

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Photo: La Presse

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