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Three Vicentines have been confirmed with demons, and Saturday begins with Asiago!

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For the season that begins next Saturday 10 September 2022 (for the demons immediately Derbissimo with Asiago) confirmed in the group also for Vicenza Philip centophantAnd the Lorenzo from a man And the Charles Trevisanwho was raised in red and white and was in first class two years ago.
Last year, they found more space than previous seasons, in particular Philip centophant who also took part in some big matches and had the confidence of the Devils technical mentor, Nathan Sigmund.

With what expectations are you facing this season?
“Very high expectations because we say we have to make up for last year as well – Centofante himself declared. We are even more hungry and have a greater desire to win.”

Among the residents of Vicenza, you are the one who found the most space last year.
“It’s definitely a big motivation to know that the team can count on me as well and knowing that I can play in certain situations helps my growth,” Centofanti said.
“The team is partly new, there are many new players, but they have great potential – added Dell’Uomo -. It will definitely be a good tournament. Personally, I hope to grow a lot and I think the team will do well.”

Will it still be a battle between Vicenza and Milan?
“I think so – continued Dell’Uomo. – We can’t say it’s obvious because we have to see, but in my opinion it will be. Asiago (in Vicenza for the first championship) might be a surprise. – It’s a team that plays hard, and it has always caused some The problems are ours, even if we usually get away with it. So I hope it goes well also for the first game on Saturday.”

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Have new players arrived, how do you see them and how do you fit in?
“It seems to me that there is a good group that will over time unite more and more – and Dell’Uomo concluded, – but we are now together very well together.”
“The team has changed and new teammates have arrived – Carlo Trevisan concluded. – We know their capabilities and we know they will definitely raise the bar. This year, the team tried to win everything they could, and I’m happy to be a part of it for another year. Training and playing with athletes of this level is absolutely wonderful and definitely helps with growth. Personally, I wish I could find some space and be able to play at least a little bit in the matches.”

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