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Disaster of banks, desperate account holders at the Bank of England I have it all dismantled, massacre at ATMs and branches

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Unfortunately, in recent times we find ourselves, more and more often, having to deliver bad news, reluctantly, to all Italian citizens.

From increased bills to increased fuel prices, down to phone companies: these are just some of the news we had to, reluctantly, write. But, unfortunately, we are only told what is happening around.Italian bootWe are facing an unprecedented crisis.

That’s what all the experts say. There has not been a crisis like this for at least twenty-five years. Inflation should continue to rise for at least the next two years. In all this hustle and bustle, the citizens always lose, the last link in the chain. As usual, after all. In addition, there is a frantic rush of banks.

Yes, but to close branches and ATMs. Certainly not to help their customers. Italian citizens have witnessed the closure of many ATMs and an incomprehensible number of physical branches in the area. They have to go on long journeys to find one of these places. Do you think that in remote areas there are many citizens who have to travel at least 40 km there and back.

Of course, those who live in cities are not so well either. Think big city. You have to go from one end to the other to withdraw cash. Thus, the traffic increases, the impossibility of parking the car and, obviously, the expectations before these places increase. And these days comes new sad news.

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Panel: A real massacre of ATMs and branches.

Yes, The National Bank of Paris Paribas that owns shares BnlRevolution in everything. He moves his staff like chess pieces. Not even the shadow of BNL will remain. In fact, some of its employees have already been transferred to other companies and others will be transferred. The consequence of all this? It’s a really simple thing, Ollie.

Goodbye to Bnl Branches and ATMs (Web) –

All those who have opened current accounts in this banking institution will have to deal with the final closure of branches on Italian soil and, obviously, of all ATMs. It’s a bad story, even a very bad story, added to many others. Specifically, these citizens will have to use other banks’ ATMs.

The result will be commissions being paid to the last. Provided that these remaining remaining offshoots, these last bastions of cash withdrawal, remain standing for a long time. An ambivalent situation that shows no sign of ending. In fact, it will only get worse. With all due respect to all savers.

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