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Price of PS5 and Xbox Series X Editions | S appears on PS Store, does it cost less than expected? –

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GTA 5 Coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. Now, we have a way to discover price From the game in versions like this, thanks to its appearance on the Australian PlayStation Store.

As you can see below, an image showing a screenshot of the Australian PlayStation Store has been shared via Twitter. The (promotional) price is 15 Australian dollars, but only until June 14, 2022. With the exchange rate, the exchange rate will be about 10 euros: however, the direct exchange is hardly the actual rate. The price will, of course, be 39.99 euros starting June 14, 2022, as written on the PlayStation Store.

As we remind you of that GTA Online It will be included as part of PlayStation Plus starting from its release, i.e. from March 15, 2022. Depending on the size of the PlayStation game, the final price for the online version (also sold separately) will be $20, usually converted directly to €20.

in case if X-BoxAlternatively, it will be possible to purchase the online mode for GTA 5 at a reduced price (-50%) until June 14, 2022. If you only buy GTA Online, you can then purchase the campaign separately.

Currently, the Grand Theft Auto 5 product page is not available on the Italian PlayStation Store. According to the size of the PlayStation game, the game It will weigh 86,837 GB Pre-loading will be available from tomorrow. So let’s assume that soon the pre-order will also be activated in Italy.

Pending news, we also report PS5/Xbox Series vs PC Ultra 4K comparison, here are the graphic differences of GTA 5.

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