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Space, Thales Alenia Space sign contract with Ariane Group

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(Teleborsa) – Thales Alenia Spacethe joint venture Thales (67%) and Leonardo (33%), have signed a contract with ArianeGroup To produce the safety control system for the new Ariane 6 launcher.

The a necklace It will initially cover the first 15 launches of a program expected to span 30 years. Thales Alenia Space will deliver 112 components and subsets between now and the summer of 2024, which will enable ArianeGroup to prepare for operational intensification. “The new European launch pad – explains a note – will combine tested and innovative solutions to meet the needs of the market, while maintaining the proven experience of the Ariane family, to which Thales Alenia Space in Belgium has contributed since the beginning.”

Ariane 6
is a programEuropean Space Agency (ESA)Designed to allow Europe to maintain a leadership role in a rapidly changing commercial market, but also to meet the needs of European government missions. The The first Ariane 6 rocket is expected to be launched in 2023. The purpose of the safety system is to neutralize the operator if the incorrect path puts people and things at risk. The central electronics, the heart of the system, is entirely designed and manufactured by Thales Alenia Space in Belgium. This contract follows previous Ariane 6 development contracts. It is a transitional contract that provides for continued cooperation between Thales Alenia Space in Belgium and ArianeGroup by improving competitiveness, while increasing the joint workload in the launch market, a prerequisite for strengthening cooperation and the Belgian industry.

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