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Al-Burhan and Hemeti… the bloodthirsty coup leaders (former allies) who keep Sudan under control –

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Camel driver turned general and general who wants to be president, Darfur gold trader and former apprentice born on the banks of the Nile, wealthy regional outsider and formerly destined career officer in the country that witnessed 16 coups. , the Kremlin garrison against a potential Sisi in Khartoum. The hell of Sudan because of two men of arms and their clans With allies attached, two inveterate putschists who couldn’t be more different.

Muhammad Daglo, known as Hamiti (Muhammad al-Saghir), Born in 1974, Chief of the 100,000-strong Rapid Support Forces (RSF) militiamenStop in the third row. When he was 13 years old, he was riding camels across the borders with Libya and Chad. His autobiography predicts 10 years in Gaddafi’s country. He returns to Sudan after 7,000 cattle were stolen from his family and many of his relatives were kidnapped. It’s 2003 in Darfur: On April 25, twenty years ago, a war broke out between local ethnic groups and Arabs supported by the center. Hemedti sides with the rebels for six months and then switches over to the government: He will be the leader of the Janjaweeddemons on horseback accused of cruelty and massacre.

In the same period, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, now 62 years old, was also in those parts: President dictator Omar al-Bashir has put people like himself in charge of repression On the verge of genocide: A general trained in Egypt and Jordan, a family from the north of the country from where the Sudanese army cadres came from, Al-Burhan returns to Khartoum after discreetly doing his dirty work. Hemedti County also takes toOn the way to the capital: In 2013, Al-Bashir invited him to head a militia that, in his eyes, has the task of balancing the power of the army and acting as a shield.

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One Country, Two Armies: The Root of the Current Clash. With the continuation of the popular uprisings of 2019, also led by women, which began with a peaceful protest against the high cost of bread, Burhan and Hamiti cooperate and overthrow Al-Bashir. For a very brief period, the former camel driver appears to be a suburban dude, but his men are massacring protesters even after the dictator’s downfall. Even the lackluster democratization continues The 2021 coup and the fall of the civilian-led government.

The coup plotters seem united: Hemeti already wants to be president, and Al-Burhan wants to neutralize him by asking his forces to return to the ranks of that army that has never seen the “rednecks” of the RSF on an equal footing.

Stars of the Nile in exchange for the fortune that Hemedti accumulated thanks to mercenaries deposited with the Saudis in Yemen and Darfur went to be smuggled to Russia via the Emirates, with the militias trained in Libya by Wagner Prigozhin, Putin’s chef, in the shadow of General Khalifa Haftar. aRussian connection Which US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said today he is “deeply concerned”.

A last man challenge with civilian casualties in every case. The model of the protector for Al-Burhan is Sisi, the father-master of Egypt who hopes for an exact copy of his regime on the southern border, which may stand by Cairo against the threat of the dam on the Nile that Ethiopia has built. Of course, the Emirates friendly to Hemedti are lenders to Egypt who are in danger of going bankrupt. Awkwardness crossed. This is why the Saudis themselves, worried about a country on fire on the other side of the Red Sea, if there really is no quick winner in Khartoum, would like an agreement between the two enemies. Always stability, never democracy.

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