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In the Visconti Castle and in the courtyard of the Cazzorella Museum, in partnership with the City of Locarno, Visarte Ticino will inaugurate on Saturday 24 June at 5pm the Spaziodato Collective, a selection of contemporary sculptural works and installations produced by its old and new members.
26 artists participate with 28 works, 10 of which are distributed in the courtyards of the two museums and 18 arranged along a labyrinthine path inside the magnificent Visconti Castle.
Participating artists, in alphabetical order: Brigitte Allenbach-Stettbacher, Theo Behler, Fiorenza Bassetti (among them a work in collaboration with Piero Zini), Susanna J. Baumgartner, Marisa Casellini, Umberto Cavenago, Fabiola Di Fulvio, Tobias Hoppe, Nino Doborginidze, Alex Durici, Karim Forlin, Nelly Frey, Patricia Giacomella Bonola, Kristin Leaphart, Steve Luthi, Maddalena Moura, Pascal Maurer, Rosita Peverelli, Gianni Boretti, Marco Prati , Gerda Ritzmann, Ivo Soldini, Antonio Tabet, Giuliano Toni, Yvonne Weber, Hanspeter Wesby and Flavia Zanetti. This selection presents a heterogeneous panorama in terms of techniques, materials and languages, just as many of the Visarte member artists differ from each other, in terms of age, region and artistic and cultural references.
The title of the exhibition Spazio Dato has different reasons. She wants it to be a tribute to the unified sculptural tradition of placing itself in space and using it in different forms. Artists, curators and curators select works specifically for the exhibition space, while others are specially created, some of which cannot be reproduced elsewhere and can only be reproduced through photographs and videos (this is often the case for land art, for example) .
Today, more than ever, sculpture uses space, sometimes redefining its perception and orthogonal structure. The two courtyards and rooms of the castle made possible by the grand opening of the cultural services of the city of Locarno – for which we thank from the bottom of our hearts – contribute to the motivation of the title of the exhibition.
We also thank Tognetti Auto for their continued support of culture in the region, Susinno Design for the graphics and Fontana Print for printing the posters.
The exhibition is organized by Visarti Ticino, in partnership with the City of Locarno, and under the supervision of Riccardo Lisi and the Honorable Cosimo Filippini.

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