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War between Russia and Ukraine, latest news, Putin recruits prisoners to commit serious crimes. Iran admits supplying Moscow with drones

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The latest news today, November 5, 2022, about the war between Russia and Ukraine. Zelensky: “We are ready for a just peace, but those who want to negotiate do not send much to the mincer.” Russian missiles over the Zaporizhia area at night. Kyiv: 14 Russian advances in Lugansk and Donetsk were rejected. Putin cancels the ban on convicts from being drafted into the army. Iran initially admitted supplying Russia with drones, but before the war.

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Peace Processions Enppi: “Russia is responsible for the massacre, there is no more blood”

“Our cry is louder than the roar of bombs, our cry will be louder if it also reaches other squares in Europe. In these months of deadly delirium, taboos have been broken: for the first time there is talk of atomic war as a real possibility. The Russian Federation is responsible for the constant massacre: no blood No more hate.” This is how the president of the Anpi, Gianfranco Bagliarolo, spoke from the podium in Piazza San Giovanni, in Rome, during a demonstration for peace.

New restrictions on electricity supply in the capital and other regions

“Additional restrictions” have been imposed on the electricity supply in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, and many other regions. It is the local operator that transmits it.

Kyiv: 75,440 Russian soldiers have been killed since the start of the war, 600 yesterday

About 75,440 Russian soldiers have been killed by Ukrainian forces since the beginning of Moscow’s invasion of the country, including 600 in the past 24 hours: this was announced by the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Ukrinform reported. In its update on Moscow’s losses so far, the military notes that 277 fighters, 260 helicopters, and 1,462 drones have also been shot down. In addition, Kyiv forces claim to have destroyed 2,758 Russian tanks, 1,776 artillery systems, as well as 16 ships and 399 cruise missiles. Yesterday, 12 drones, two cruise missiles and two helicopters were shot down and eight Russian tanks were destroyed.

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The Russians released 268 prisoners

As part of the prisoner exchange between Moscow and Kiev, 268 members of the Ukrainian National Guard who had been captured by the Russians since the beginning of the war were released. They also include 24 women. This was stated by the group of ex-prisoners in a tweet.

Conte returns to demand a ceasefire in Ukraine

The leader of the 5-Star Movement Giuseppe Conte, speaking at a demonstration for peace in Rome, returns to demand a ceasefire in Ukraine and asserts: “We cannot entrust only the belligerents with the possibility of determining the terms of negotiations.” Article.

Demonstrations for Peace in Ukraine: From Rome to Milan, Opposition Divided in the Square

Two were organized in Rome and Milan Demonstrations for peace in Ukraine: On the one hand, the Five Star Movement and the Democratic Party, and on the other hand the third pole. In the background, a game of alliances for regional elections.

Moscow: “It is impossible to resolve the conflict only in battle”

“The West continues to implement a wrong policy on the Ukrainian crisis, believing that the situation can be resolved only on the battlefield. In fact, it is necessary to think about how to find a negotiated solution.” This was stated by the Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov, speaking in San Francisco, adding that “improvement in relations between Russia and the United States is not in sight in the medium term.” TASS reports. Regarding new US arms supplies to Ukraine, “I would like to note that our so-called partners continue to follow the wrong policy believing that the problem can be solved on the battlefield and continue to spend more energy and means. Now they are mobilizing again,” Antonov said.

European Union, 17 countries send 500 generators to Ukraine

To support access to electricity and heating, 17 EU countries – including Italy – sent 500 generators to Ukraine through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism: The Directorate General wrote in a tweet about EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid. In addition to Italy, the countries are Slovenia, Slovakia, Ireland, Austria, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Poland and France.

Tehran admits: “We exported drones to Russia before the war”

Tehran exported drones to Russia before the start of the war with Ukraine. This was stated by Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirollahian today. The Iranian Islamic Republic News Agency quoted the minister as saying that the allegations of Western countries that Iran exported missiles to Russia are completely false, but the part of the drones is true, adding that Iran sold drones to Russia months before the war in Ukraine.

Mouloud Stoltenberg: “Nuclear war has no victor”

“Nuclear conflict must be avoided at all costs. Nuclear war has no victor.” This was stated by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in an interview with CNN Turkey at the end of a three-day trip to Ankara. “Russian President Vladimir Putin made a huge mistake by invading a peaceful neighbour. An attack that led to a strong imbalance. Irresponsible and dangerous words are flying around regarding nuclear energy. There are no victors in a nuclear conflict, Russia must understand that,” he said.

Russian bombing of Donetsk, three civilians killed

At least three civilians were killed and eight others were injured in the Russian attacks yesterday in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine, regional governor Pavlo Kirilenko said, as reported by the Kyiv Independent newspaper. The area, where about 350,000 people remained despite a mandatory government-imposed evacuation, was subject to another series of heavy Russian bombing overnight.

Gas, green light for new drilling in the Adriatic 9 miles from coast

The Cabinet approved the new concession rule to increase gas extraction to make it available to more energy-intensive companies at controlled prices.

Kuleba: “Air defense systems will arrive within a year”

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba expects to conclude some agreements with international partners on Ukraine’s air and missile defense systems by the end of the year. Unite reports.

Russian missiles over the Zaporizhia region at night

Russian forces last night bombarded the Vilnyansk district of southern Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhya region with S-300 missiles: the head of the Regional Military Administration, Oleksandr Staruch, reported via Telegram, Ukrinform reported. “After midnight, the enemy attacked the Vilnyansk region with S-300 missiles,” Staruch wrote, adding that no casualties or injuries were reported, but the buildings of three companies and some cars were damaged.

Vilorossi: Kyiv forces have 4 HIMARS missiles on Luhansk

Ukrainian forces fired four US-supplied HIMARS missiles at Svatovo in the “People’s Republic” in Luhansk. “The armed formations of Ukraine carried out four shelling of the village of Svatovo with four HIMARS missiles,” the Telegram channel of the Representative Office of the Republic stated.

Putin cancels ban on convicts from being drafted into the army

Vladimir Putin signed a law abolishing the ban on conscription into the Russian army of citizens who had been given a “non-revoked or suspended” sentence for a crime deemed “serious.” This was reported by Interfax, explaining that the ban remains in place for those convicted of child abuse and some other crimes

Today’s news about the war between Russia and Ukraine

Zelensky: “We are ready for a just peace, but those who want to negotiate do not send much to the mincer.” Kyiv: 14 Russian advances in Lugansk and Donetsk were rejected. Putin cancels the ban on convicts from being drafted into the army. Crosetto: “Italy will continue to supply arms to Ukraine.”

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