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“Advances in Canada? Unfortunately it does not create a swallow spring… ”- OA game

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The Canadian Grand Prix gave Mercedes one of the best weekends of its vintage. Lewis Hamilton finished third in the race won by Max Verstappen, while George Russell finished fourth. Has the Brockley team finally reached the technical turning point of the season?

According to King Lin’s talented young native, not all that glitters in the Montreal sun is gold. “With the W13, when we solve a problem, another one of a different nature arises immediately. The borpoying is solved, but we hit the ground very aggressively while lowering the height of the car. There does not seem to be any real strength at the moment.” His words were quoted by

The Englishman continues his story: “For us, we raced with the car high above the ground, but low, and the performance did not improve or deteriorate. The rigidity and the base of the car were always the same. Trying to repair the car multiple times for this reason is not an easy task.The overall stiffness of these cars is very good.Borpoying is not as bad in Canada but it constantly hits the ground like in Baku but the common problems of these cars are far from being solved.

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Toto Wolf confirms these sentiments:Our performance in Canada? Swallowing does not cause spring. We already saw that swallow in Barcelona, ​​but it must have flown somewhere else. We have to be careful. We didn’t have good speed on Friday. We advanced in the rain on Saturday, and then, in the race, we went better. Sometimes we were in one of the fastest cars. Secondary Lewis and George were almost at first pace. It’s inspiring to watch. The work to return to the old status quo is long. As we can see, the car’s refund is significantly reduced due to porpoiseing. I think the pilots adapted. Hardness you see in the current single seats. For example, look at how hard the Alpines get out of obstacles. A big bounce. This is precisely the reason drivers complain, the stiffness of the car. We need to work on understanding how to reduce this factor.

Photo: LPS Antonin Vincent

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