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Mike Tyson says his words about slapping Chris Rock. They are real “heavy” words [VIDEO]

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Former boxer and actor Mike Tyson He’s had the opportunity to express himself, obviously in his own way, in a slap will Smith to me Chris Rock Consumption in the latest version of Oscar: a gesture now engraved in everyone’s collective memory, much talked about in the months following the event during the early part of 2022.

In a recent appearance on the popular talk show Jimmy Kimmel LiveTyson was asked by host, owner, and host if he had seen Smith’s infamous slap, prompting and questioning anyFormer heavyweight champion He answered in the affirmative, specifying that interesting. Kimmel then noted that the last time he was shocked during a live event was at the time of Tyson’s infamous bite on the ear of his in-ring opponent, Evander Holyfield.

Do not know whether the [Will Smith, ndr] He found it necessary to do so, if he wasn’t shocked, I wouldn’t be shockedTyson himself, who had recently returned to the spotlight for hitting an visibly drunk passenger who repeatedly harassed him on a plane, later added by closing the matter.

Smith, remember, because his gesture was omitted fromacademy With a ten-year ban and his career was abruptly halted, with many projects laid down Suspension. The actor’s wife recently broke the silence on the 2022 Oscars slap, Jada Pinkett Smithabout alopecia areata, Rock launched a joke, unleashing the wrath of his living-worldly wife (shortly after, Smith had pulled into tears — with relative apologies — his Oscar for Best Actor for King Richard – A winning family).

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Below is the video of the interview with Tyson we were referring to.

picture: GT (Nelson Barnard / Getty Images; Rich Schultz / Getty Images; Robin Beck/AFP via Getty Images)

source: Jimmy Kimmel Live

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