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Actor Rino Rodio in Rome for a preview of the movie “Dante”.

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Actor Rino Rodeo of Catanzaro also participated in the preview of the movie “Dante” by Pupi Avati, which will be shown in cinemas next September. In the film produced by Duea and RAI CinemaAnd the Renault Rodeo She played the role of Beatrice’s husband along with top actors like Sergio Castellitto, Alessandro Sperdotti and Alessandro Haber, It was interesting for him to participate in the presentation ceremony in Rome last Thursday: “It is still impossible for me – said he – I, Renault Rodeo, was there in Rome with the high officials of the state, including President MattarellaAnd for the names who made the history of Italian cinema, it seemed to me that I was dreaming.

A special experience of Catanzaro, already suspicious a year ago, when Pupi Avati himself called him to participate in the audition of the film crew dedicated to the life of the poet: “I could not believe it then and I do not” I can not believe now – he explained – I gave performances and participated as an actor in some movies, but this experience is a great relief to me. ” My sake and I can not describe! “

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