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The three scientific boxes of the new Ipsia Renzo Frau: the tender is in progress

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San Geneseo – Ad posted: Over 8 million available. Chancellor Saltari: “The process will result in the creation of a modern and functional school developed according to the guidance of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation’s team of experts”

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Introducing the new school campus

The tender for the works for the construction of the new Ipsia “Renzo Frau” school complex has been published on the San Ginesio website. The funds, which equate to €8,397,670.40, of which €6,779,640.87 are for works, come from Special Order 9 of May 29, 2021 of the Reconstruction Commissioner. The awarding system is considered one of the most economical offers while the deadline for implementation has been set at 228 working days.


Chancellor Giordano Saltari

“So it continues on schedule – Adviser to the reconstruction of the municipality of San Gincio Giordano Saltari – The process that will lead to the creation of a modern and functional educational institution developed under the guidance of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation team of experts appointed by the Extraordinary Commissioner for Reconstruction as Designer and Project Manager of this intervention of great importance for our territory. Today, the announcement of the tender procedures was issued in order to identify the executing company.

The project was designed by the multidisciplinary Abf team consisting of Laura Biancalani, Managing Director of Abf, Educational Liaison Person Serafino Carli, Engineer Paolo Bianchi in charge of construction projects, Architect Massimo Alvisi of the prestigious firm Alvisi & Kirimoto, Engineer Gianluca Serpilli and Engineer Martina Barigelli. «The building – explains the municipal administration – will be developed in three contiguous blocks, called the “Three Scientific Funds”, covering more than 2,800 square metres. A modern building with an anti-seismic structure certified by the fourth resistance class. There will be laboratories and learning spaces designed according to flexible and innovative layouts, common spaces for relationships and socialization for individual and group study and in-depth study, as well as professional workshops dedicated and equipped for study programs.”

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