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Football in Monza and Bergamo remains taboo. Palladino: “We gave up, but defeat will make us grow”

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Five goals against last June, and three last Saturday: The Gewiss Stadium in Bergamo remains taboo for Monza By Raffaele Palladino. If the 5-2 win on the final day of last season could also be explained by less motivation for a now secure Monza, the game this time showed. Great qualities from U.S The goddess who will fight for European status And the characteristics of a Monza who will have to fight for redemption: On the one hand, the defeat does not change the standings that are still very short, and on the other hand, it highlights some issues that the Monza coach will certainly have to work on.

Courage and character

I had had Rafael Palladino asked his children to be brave. And the, For at least 25′, Pessina His teammates responded to the coach’s requests and managed possession of the ball Personality and confidence And also creating some headaches for European defence Berendelli And the Monza captain himself. to’Proactive attitude and aggression They remain “brands” in the red and white team, as we also saw against Empoli and – only occasionally – against a high-level opponent such as Inter.

Unfortunately, the momentum of the match changed once the hosts changed the pace. to benefit from Obvious physical superiority (Rogeri And Ederson on Berendelli, De Roon, Koopmeiners and Ederson himself over Gagliardini and Pessina(, Bergamo players gradually took space and air from Monza, who conceded first an unlucky goal and then another, the result of a rather obvious tactical error.

They missed the red and white The mental and personal energy to resist at the most sensitive moment in the match, with the Nerazzurri’s shock double effectively ending the match. If the Brianza people emerged last year in cAbility to “stay in the game” Even in matches against big teams, in the first two high-level matches, this element certainly seemed more subtle: whatever the reasons – a renewed and renewed staff, the loss of technical and experienced players – Palladino will certainly have to work thoughtfully. Of his children.

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Confirmations and doubts

Monza coach has Berendelli confirmed this from the first minute on the right with Cioria on the opposite flank: Without going into technical evaluation, it is surprising how Kyriakopoulos And Franco Carbone – Alternatives designated for Carlos Augusto – It’s been so far Very small space: The Greek winger started the match at the San Siro, while the former Inter player is yet to make his league debut. Related choices Physical condition Of football players Or for technical reasons? We’ll see as the tournament goes on, but so far it’s the same A very amazing statistic.

In the offensive department Colombo’s arrival could bring Motta back into contention in the backcourt, in the section with the largest number of alternatives available to the technician. There are high expectations about the young Brianza compatriot’s contribution: it will be him, with him MarekWith the need to ensure a significant contribution in front of goal.

A final consideration regarding Mediatorwhere Pessina and Gagliardini are the regular starters: The physicality of Atalanta’s midfield will also put teams aspiring to the Scudetto in difficulty, but compared to last year He appears to be missing – or just the last 30 minutes – that Clarity in playmaking and dribbling Track it Rovella wow senses. Now it is Pessina What separates this role: Mr. Palladino has the task of finding the best solution to the problem The right balance for the team.

Now we have two weeks to better prepare for the important direct match against Lecce at the UPower Stadium, scheduled for next September 17: we need to reflect on the defeat, forget what happened last year and focus on securing safety. And a renewed team.

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