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Activision Blizzard, buyout in jeopardy? The question got serious –

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L ‘Obsession From Activision Blizzard from Microsoft may actually be a file risk. If you have been following the developments of the significant operation, currently under consideration by the UK Antitrust, you will know it It’s getting serious The first criticisms arrive from the United States about the work of the English Committee.

A few days ago, in fact, the US Chamber of Commerce attacked the English antitrust for its mistakes, which was also previously mentioned by Microsoft in the file that highlights how Sony’s CMA cited 57 times and consumers only 10 in their documents. The concept is clear: are you looking at the interests of the users or the interests of the Japanese company?

Call of Duty won’t become an Xbox exclusive and it already looks like it won’t make it to the Xbox Game Pass catalog for a few years: a pretty big franchise, given the undoubtedly positive effects that the franchise could have guaranteed to Microsoft’s subscription service. However, it seems that the United Kingdom antitrust Do not take this into account.

In fact, following the document in which the CMA sets a pattern in the fact that Microsoft is acquiring studios and making their games exclusive to imagine the future of Call of Duty, without considering how Sony will implement The same identical policies For years, the feeling has been that the regulator really thinks one way.

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The opinion of the English antitrustist would be binding on the success of the acquisition, as is known, and various insiders who imagined a course in all without obstacles for theNearly 70 billion dollars operation Now they are starting to fear that something is actually going wrong.

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So there’s a chance Microsoft could dramatically face a ban on finalizing the purchase, in which case, journalist Jez Corden hypothesized, it could be a bittersweet twist for PlayStation users because Redmond’s house would have a huge amount to pay. Investing in exclusive third parties.

The last word has not been said and the situation in the UK may change, but for now, the whole road is uphill for Microsoft. what do you think? Will the company be able to complete the acquisition of Activision Blizzard? Let’s talk about.

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