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Bolzano: Another season in red and white for Scott Valentine

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HCB Alto Adige Alperia officially announces that it has reached an agreement to renew the contract Scott Valentine Also for the 2023/24 season.

The Canadian defender will be for the second year in a row wearing the Foxes jersey he first donned a year ago after seven seasons in Germany, one in Krefeld and six in Augsburg. Before the European trial, the 32-year-old played 243 games in the American Hockey League, with the Milwaukee Admirals and Texas Stars.

During his first season at Bolzano he scored 18 points in 67 games, distinguishing himself above all for his defensive reliability and physical play: this last feature, in fact, earned him the nickname “Valentrain”, already the pony of his German experience. Especially during the playoffs, the Canadian fullback continued to increase his level of performance, proving to be a staple as well in the assist phase (his assists on winning goals in Games 5 and 6 of the Final).

“I am very happy to be back in Bolzano – he says – the team, the fans and the whole region welcomed me with open arms last year and it became immediately clear why playing for HCB was such an honor. I am quite sure that next season will hold some great moments for all of us: The Hockey of Champions Tournament will be a great experience, and I know how supportive the fans will be when we play against some of the best teams in Europe. It will be an opportunity for us to show us this team and make our mark from the first weeks of the season. I look forward to continuing Bolzano’s winning tradition and striving for success in “The championship we came so close to last year. We have unfinished business, a job to finish, and I’m really excited to think about when we can meet as a group and start working towards our goals.”

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