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Zack Snyder reveals a little bit about Rebel Moon

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back to talk about it moon rebelsThe next movie directed by Zack Snyder to be released on Netflix. Produced by A Short video on Twitter about makeup testing Which he says he accomplished with his iPhone. The clip allows you to take a look at one of the characters in the film, and get to know the style and atmosphere of Rebel Moon who – we remember – will be set in the sci-fi genre (something halfway between Kurosawa’s samurai films and Star Wars, According to previous statements by the director – And if you please). A little tribute Snyder has prepared for Netflix Geeked Week:

Rebel Moon was announced nearly a year ago (July 2021), and Registration started in April So far, the production hasn’t shown any footage, but only photos of the group, including the ones it shoots Djimon Hounsou In costume – they suggest for completeness.

In recent months the project has been enriched with details: It is already known that Sofia Boutella will be the main actress She will be invited to play Cora, a young woman on a mission in space in search of allies to fight a common threat. Along with her, in addition to Hounsou, there will also be in the cast Charlie Hunnam, Donna Bay, Ray Fisher, Stuart Martin, Carrie Elwes, Corey Stoll, Michelle Huisman, Alfonso Herrera, Cleopatra Coleman, Fra Fe And the Ryan Race. Snyder co-wrote the script Hittin tea And the Kurt Gunstadthe same trio that worked on the previous Army of the Dead – a film that is controversial in intrinsic quality but equally capable of establishing itself. Sample views on Netflix.

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