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DMW Radio – Balochistan: “I’m glad things are happening in Canada, but I’m sad about Catania’s decision.”

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Michael PaulusiManitoba’s striker-manager, interviewed that day TMW RadioWhen Open arena With Francesco Benvenutti: “I’m glad we’ve had a big impact on Cov and we’re going to start again after closing the boundaries. , Ed) is growing, we are now 105 from 90 teams a few years ago.

How did Canada grow?
“I invite you to consider Canadian football as an extension of American football. There are very strong youth divisions and the best talents go to the academies of Montreal Impact and Toronto or directly to Europe, especially Belgium or Portugal. For example, what is the real contribution of our league during the national break?” Gives an idea of ​​whether it would be like being invited to Italy by a Serie B player … very rare.

How far is it between MLS and Europe?
“The big difference between the European and North American championships is that I believe the big difference is that there are no promotions and no dismissals. Bread, the other dynamics come in. I do not always play well, I have to do a little bit.In addition, on a tactical level I see a big difference, every day unless the league decides to hire twenty coaches from Europe, I follow the MLS, there is a tactical imbalance, the teams get longer Start again: You’re playing a lot physically.The championship has grown anyway, no longer coming under 35, but for example an insignia is over thirty, in addition to the name, the pitch Brings quality in “.

Then the next World Cup.
“They have time to organize themselves, and if we talk about Canada, the team will mature even more.

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How do you see the series?
“After almost ten years of Juventus dominance, we see a beautiful championship, which has been tiring for a long time and Inter’s last break. I would say there are now two and a half teams to play over three. , This is what people want to see, beautiful realities like Beorentina and Verona play well, but do not slip in the eye. I hope they deserve to win with Leipzig. They pass. “

Could Juventus have fought for Scudetto?
“Football is the result of episodes, and I’m trying to explain it to my boys. Here in North America we think you have to do all the rules of writing on the coach blackboard on the pitch, but that’s the truth. May have entered, they realized something was missing, in fact they were looking forward to Vlahovic’s summer transfer market, and for example, he settled the Cagliari rivalry. They’re an unchangeable player. They have a strong team instead of Villarreal, he proved it with Bayern.

Bitter closure, Catania failed.
“Those were bad days, and I’m a little more shocked to see what happened. I am proud to be a part of it. Beyond the team from Civitanova, I’m the only one cheering. I’m so sorry, the earth has already been attacked, Catania was thinking of revenge. For me Catania and their heart will rise from the ashes as written on the city gates, they will come back, it will take time, the injury is big, what made me angry is to know some of the toys that staged some puppet shows. Unfortunately it has nothing to do with recurring football and it is not clear how they are. The fact that the same people always go there is reminiscent of old Italian politicians. Seeing some of the declarations is really a big disrespect. They will stay, and I, to Catania, will always be.

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