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Italy U18s, narrow defeat by Slovenia –

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In the first game of 4 Nations Championship Reserved for under 18s,Italy from the coach Dino Grossi succumbs 4-3 to Slovenia on the ice from Zykesfervar. Defeat this mocking azzurrini, 7 minutes before the end but then they are mocked with one decisive hit within 40 seconds. A banner for the national team, Kovelli, Madashi and Eger, tomorrow at seven in the evening, the second match of the tournament against the hosts of Hungary.

Balance in the first half, with azzurrini who moved to the top thanks to a hunch Mattia Covilly, who pounces on a disc lost by the opponent’s defense near the cage and surprises the goalkeeper 0-1 in the center of competence. The draw of Slovenia, on the other hand, is the result of a good triangle behind the vuba cage decreases Free to hit the slot. In the first stage of the second half a golden opportunity for Alex Egger Who, in a solitary escape, does not find the right moment to conquer Zupancic.

However, the goal of the blue feature was only put off by a few minutes: Emmanuel Butot Free on blue Tommaso Madachi, the Piedmont striker Sarri Biel/Bian starts from a middle distance with a precise wrist shot that slides into the bottom corner. In the final stage of the fracture, however, the goalkeeper on the shields Lauren Fop, decisive on at least two occasions, especially since he outnumbered.

At the start of the third half Castlunger ends up in the penalty area, and with the extra man decreases The blues are punished with a gentle stroke at the intersection. Even the blue power game, however, produces a valuable tag, with the central incursion of Alex Egger This “burns” the Slovenian defense and restoresItaly straight ahead. 2-3 Grossi gives the illusion of having a match at hand that opponents turn over in just 40 seconds.

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Lisnekar’s long-range shot deflected again decreases (Hat-trick) For a tie, a nice offensive foray into the net is over zezel To the final 4-3 Slovenian who leavesItaly With a bitter taste in the mouth.

Slovenia 4-3 Italy

partial: 1-1; 0-1; 3-1

Signs: 8.17 Mattia Covelli (0-1), 13.19 Langos (1-1 / Baslar, Smolnikar), 33.05 Tommaso Madacci (1-2 / Emmanuel Piotto, Alan Lopes), 43.47 Langos (2-2 PP / Rep), 49.00 Alex Egger (2-3 PP / Giacomo Vellar, Davide Girardi), 53.21 Langos (3-3/Lesnicar, representative), 54.01 Zezelj (4-3/Rep)

Italy: Foppa (Oberhammer); elastic – Obexer, Valentini – Vellar, Olmo Albis – Liprandi, Costantini – Lacedelli; De Luca – Egger – Girardi, Lobis – Madaschi – Piotto, Castlunger – Pisetta – Covelli, Garau – Martini – Remolato. Coach: Dino Grossi

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