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AC Milan back on top, battle not to back out has reopened – OA Sport

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there Serie A football 2021-2022 see controversy Five matches on the thirty-fourth day Today, Sunday, April 24: A very important victory for Milanwho passes in return Against 1-2 in Lazio It is said At the top of the ranking Waiting for Bologna-Inter scheduled for Wednesday 27. The goal was decisive In full recovery from Tonali.

He was summoned out of the struggle for the Scudetto Napoli, who lost in Empoli 3-2having been ahead 0-2 until 10′ from the end, before conceding three goals in 8′, and Slides to -7 from the top with 4 rounds to go. acknowledgment Stop for both between Bologna and Udinese, as today’s match ended 2-2.

However, the race to Stop: The Genoa beat Cagliari 1-0 In the direct match thanks to a substitute goal in the final and back to -3 from Sardinia, as well as Salerno (which must restore on May 5 the match with the gun), which is imposed 2-1 to Fiorentina: Bonazoli signs the decisive goal for Third victory in a row for the Campania region.

Results Day 34

Salernitana – Fiorentina 2-1
Bologna 2-2 Udinese
Empoli – Napoli 3-2
Genoa – Cagliari 1-0
Lazio 1-2 Milan

Series A 2021-2022 standings

Milan 74 points (34 games).
Inter 72 (33)
Naples 67 (34)
Juventus 63 (33)
Rome 58 (34)
Fiorentina 56 (33)
Lazio 56 (34)
Atalanta 54 (33)
Hellas Verona 49 (34)
Sassuolo 46 (33)
Turin 43 (33)
Udinese 40 (33)
Bologna 39 (33)
Empoli 37 (34)
Spice 33 (34)
Sampdoria 30 (34)
Cagliari 28 (34)
Salernitana 25 (33)
Genoa 25 (34)
Rifle 22 (33)

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Photo: LiveMedia / Fabrizio Corradetti

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