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Battlestar Galactica, the movie and series in the same universe

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Announced some time ago, the movie before Battlestar Galactica It was entrusted to Simon Kinberg and Dylan Clark at the end of 2020 and hasn’t heard anything since.

Now the producer and director recently updated Project Universal, which comes more than a decade after the end of SyFy’s iconic reboot and is being developed in parallel with a new project. TV series produced by Sam Ismail (Mr. Robot). On the occasion of the release of the new movie 355Kinberg confirmed that he is continuing work on the great Battlestar Galactica, and that a second draft of the script was recently completed:

Now we have to find a way out. The hope is to find one soon and begin pre-production for the film later this year. It’s a huge movie, really gigantic, and the pre-production is going to be very long, so I think even if we find a director today, it will take at least six or nine months of pre-production. So at least we’ll start filming at the end of this year. But we will probably start in early 2023. Time will tell who this director will be…

Kinberg also spoke about the Sam Esmail series, which is in development on streaming platform Peacock. Apparently the two projects will be linked:

As for Sam and his series… I can’t say much, except that there is a synergy between the two projects and a constant communication between us. We bonded a lot and spent time together. I can say that there will be, for lack of a better term even if it is overused, a common universe.

[…] As for the previous series, there will be links, but it will certainly not be a continuation or remake of Ron Moore’s masterpiece.

Jay Polidoro and Lexi Barta of Universal will direct the film, which will be based on the original 1978 Glen Larson series.

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Story of the Battlestar Galactica Set in the distant future: mankind has settled on 12 planets from a very distant solar system, only to be destroyed after a thousand years of war with robots in keleone. The survivors travel in a fleet of spaceships scattered around space in search of the mythical Earth, where one last colony is said to have survived. Guided by one warship, the Galactica, they are constantly threatened by the Cylons, who are intent on exterminating all humans…

source: collider

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