Thursday, February 29, 2024

“A historic day in football history, but the right ideas will be needed.”

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Today’s news related to European football in what It could be one of the most historic days in football history: there The Premier League is legitimate, with the European Court of Justice actually expressing its opinion on the case by specifying that “FIFA and UEFA cannot impose sanctions on those who participate in alternative leagues.” In detail, according to the European Court of Justice, UEFA cannot monopolize football and it would be legal to create a parallel competition run by clubs. “FIFA and UEFA’s rules on prior approval of football competitions between clubs, such as the Premier League, are inconsistent with EU law. They are inconsistent with low competition and the provision of services free of charge,” the court explained in Judgment C-333/21 in the Premier League.

He spoke about what could be a new historical fact in the modern history of football For Sky Sports Journalist Gianfranco Theotinus: “I think so It could be a decisive day for the new football, With a new dimension, ideas, and management that differ from what we have seen so far. I’m not exposing myself, however I expect really important impacts, as UEFA still has a certain global importance. “If the cake served is good, there will be room to maneuver to get all the other football clubs involved.”

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