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A fourth heat wave is expected to hit Canada and the United States

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(Photo: Elias Funez / Getty Images)

A fourth unusual heat wave will hit Canada and the United States The weekend is exacerbating the state of emergency, which has already caused more than 700 deaths. Meteorologists have predicted new temperature records, usually in colder regions. Countless extreme weather events caused by global warming, More than 71 fires are already active in the area, affecting about 16 million peopleFor an area of ​​4000 square kilometers.

The worst fire in Oregon in the last 9 days has burned and destroyed a part Rome is half as big And threatens nearly 2,000 homes. Authorities have ordered people to leave the area and many displaced people are already being welcomed by emergency facilities set up by the districts. According to the data National Maritime and Atmospheric Administration, More than 60% of people in the western United States suffer from severe drought and extreme temperatures, which help to extinguish fires.

On top of that Washington Post, Meteorologist Matthew Capucci says the next heat wave will begin on Saturday, July 17 and peak by Monday. The worst affected areas are the American Rockies and the Canadian counties of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. According to Capucci, Temperatures can be above 15 degrees above the seasonal average e “Arrival of hotter and drier weather” Than what has been recorded in the last few days “It could trigger new fires and be more fuel for those already active.”

However, Kapuchi writes that this fourth wave should not be as violent as it was recorded in the first week of July. As described by scientists “Really Impossible” Without man-made climate change. Nevertheless, temperatures in the affected areas are expected to be higher than any local seasonal record and the weather event is expected to last at least a week.

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