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Unlimited minutes and texts, 100GB for €5.99 per month with Kena, ho. And very mobile – | news | telephony

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In some cases, in this period semi-virtual and / or secondary brands Kina, I have. Very mobile and mobile Allows you to activate Minutes, a message, and 100 GB at the expense of 5.99 € per month.

For new customers of the semi-virtual systems in question, it has already been launched Kena 5.99 100GB Gold (or Kena 5.99 100GB Online Promo)And the I own. 5.99 100 GB And the Very 5.99 100 GB localNew Offers launcher attack It can only be activated through the portability of numbers, coming from specific mobile operators.

For each of these Player Attack Deals, it is offered exclusively In participating stores Until further notice, it is also available Online version. For Very Mobile, currently and subject to change, Very 5.99 100 GB local It can be activated online only in Lazio, Lombardy and Veneto.

Also, in some cases they are present Differences regarding Origin operators Valid for activation, as well as for initial costs.


Qena 5.99100 GB Gold Served every month Unlimited minutes For all national numbers, 500 SMS For all national numbers e 100 GB of mobile internet traffic in 4G up to 60Mbps for download and up to 30Mbps in upload a 5.99 € per month.

On the official website of Kena Mobile there is an offer equal to the category Kena 5.99 100GB Promo Online (here is the direct link).

to subscribe Qena 5.99100 GB Gold or Promo Online, new customers can come From Iliad, Fastweb, PosteMobile or other virtual operators (Except for D-Mobile and Viri-Mobile).

For the initial outlay, the activation fee is Freewhile the price is equal to 10 euro, of which 4.01 euros remain as a balance. The cost of purchasing a new rechargeable SIM card is Free.

Please note that with Qena, the second brand of TIMCustomers use the last operator’s network in GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA and 4G LTE.

As of June 13, 2022 TIME started Phase-out of 3rd generation technology From its mobile network in the first Italian municipalities. Moreover, since May 2022 it has been The gradual empowerment of the service has also begun times on me SIM channel.

As usual, it is highlighted that the operator advertises its offers with Drafting “forever”thus declaring the pledge a Tariff adjustments do not apply.

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In any case, the minutes of the offers are without connection fees and advertising fees are charged Seconds of the actual conversation. Data traffic is loaded instead Advance steps of 1 KB. If the monthly gig is exceeded and there are no other active data options, surf the Internet blocked.

With all Offers suggested by Qenalisten voice mail On-demand SMS services You know and call now They are included at no additional cost, but activation of one of the two services does not allow the activation and use of the other.

in Roaming in the European Union (In the UK nowIt is possible to use unlimited minutes and SMS with the same national conditions, but there is a monthly data traffic limit.5 GB per month in the second half of 2022).

Finally, regarding the monthly renewal, in the event of non-payment of Insufficient balance Offers come suspended. In this case, until the credit is used, it is possible to continue calling, sending SMS and surfing the Internet according to the conditions stipulated in Qena Basic Plan.

If the top-up is not implemented within 90 days from the date of non-payment of the renewal cost, the offer termination process will be initiated.

I own. cell phone

I own. 5.99 100 GB Served every month Unlimited minutes For all national fixed and mobile numbers, Unlimited Messages For all national numbers e 100 GB of mobile internet traffic in 4G up to 30Mbps for download and 30Mbps for upload, all at a cost 5.99 € per month.

This offer, which can also be activated online (here is the direct link)can only be subscribed with the possibility of transfer From Iliad, Fastweb, PosteMobile, CoopVoce, Lycamobile and other virtual operators (Except for Qena and Free Mobile).

Activation fee Freewhere at the activation stage you have to pay a value The cost of the first return shipping is 6 euros, from which the cost of the first early renewal will be deducted, as well as the possible cost of the SIM, which should be free in any case. If you activate it online, then the cost of the SIM is officially free.

Please remember that I own. cell phone It is a trademark of VEI, a wholly owned subsidiary of Vodafone Italia. leaning on Vodafone mobile network in the second and fourth generationCurrently, the virtual operator only deals with the market of consumer rechargeable mobile phones.

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In this case, unlike Kena, VoLTE It is already available in compatible stations with the operator.

With the offers that I have. Mobile phone, unlimited minutes and SMS may be used in accordance with the principles of good faith and fairness. On the other hand, if the customer exceeds the data traffic involved each month, and he is surfing the Internet It is locked automatically at no additional cost.

Ancillary services are included SMS I have. CallAnd the Hotspot NavigationAnd the 42121 for Remaining Credit, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding.

In case Insufficient balance At the time of renewal of the offer, the client I have. The mobile phone will find the credit passively. To be able to use the offer again, in this case, it will be necessary to top up the balance and return it to a balance greater than zero.

In any case, the customer can also activate a file Auto Shipping Service Selection automatic payment method to renew the offer.

Through the official app I own. cell phonewith Some tariff offers You can use the service you are leavinganticipating renewal when remaining traffic decreases under 5 GB.

As for the Roaming in EU and UK countriesMinutes and SMS are valid for the same national conditions, but with a monthly data traffic limit (5 GB per month in the second half of 2022).

I have a mobile

very mobile

Very 5.99 100 GB local Served every month Unlimited minutes For all national landline and mobile numbers, Unlimited Messages For all national numbers e 100 GB of mobile internet traffic in 4G at download speeds of up to 30Mbps and up to 30Mbps in upload, all at 5.99 € per month.

To activate this offer, new customers must come from The Iliad, PosteMobile, CoopVoce, FastwebBT Enia, BT Italia, CMLink, Daily Telecom Mobile, Digi Mobil, Enegan, Erg Mobile, Feder Mobile, Green Telecomunicazioni, Intermatica, Lycamobile, Noitel, NT Mobile, NV Mobile, Optima, Everywhere, Plink, Plintron, PosteMobile, Rabona Mobile, 1Mobile, Rabona New, Telmekom, Tiscali, 1Mobile, Welcome Italia, WithU.

Kena, Spusu, Vodafone, TIM and ho are excluded. Mobile and WindTre. It should also be noted that the official list also refers to virtual operators that are no longer working, such as Erg Mobile.

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For the initial outlay, the activation fee is FreeWhile the purchase price of a new SIM is equal to 5 euro (unlike the internet where there is no cost), excluding any local promotions.

Please remember that very mobile It is the operator’s own rechargeable prepaid phone service Wind Tre SpA (C.K. Hutchison Group). The default launcher allows you to switch WindTre network 4Gwhich also allows you to take advantage of VoLTE service on compatible devices.

With offers too, once Exceed the listed giga During the month, surfing the Internet is blocked until the next renewal.

Either way, the customer can decide that advance renewal Promo at its monthly cost, to make the entire package available again.

On-demand services I searched for you And the RingMe They are included at no additional cost, as is the service Hotspot. On the other hand, the activation of paid services is blocked by default (with the possibility of unlocking via the official application).

It has been determined that Very Mobile offers require payment of monthly costs On the remaining creditWith the possibility of activating the automatic filling service at any time.

In case Insufficient balance to renewOffers are held until sufficient refills are made to cover the cost.

in Roaming in the European Union (and at the moment also in the UK), the minutes and SMS included in the Very Offers are valid at no additional cost. For data traffic, on the other hand, there is a maximum amount that can be used, equal to 5.5 GB per month Until the end of 2023.

As it has already been said, 5.99 100 GB Local MNP It can only be activated In some physical channelsAnd the win over wow Online in some regions (Lazio, Lombardy and Veneto). Don’t rule it out very mobile You may decide in the future to open this latest offer everywhere.

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