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Older brother Phip, Aynette Stevens spills the bag on the relationship with Solly Sorge

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Ainet revealed, “With Sully, I didn’t want to be taken advantage of.”

topic stevens He was one of the most discussed and appreciated contestants in the sixth edition of Big Brother VIP. A guest at Casa Chi, the showgirl rated her intense trip at the Cinecittà House. A track that also features Hot clashes with Sully Sorge.

The truth is Annette Stephens

level He gave an interesting interview with Casa Chi. After criticizing the behavior of Alex Pelley during the last episode of the series Big Brother VIPEx-Jivina spoke about her short, intense ride home: “At home I was especially loved. It probably punished me for being more sympathetic to women than men, I neglected them. Perhaps that was also part of the game”.

Experience it at Casa del GF VIP Some are also distinguished Clashes with influencer Sulli: “With Sulli I didn’t have a good relationship. He was a bit neutral at first. Then he called me the monkey, he said it in a different context and said sorry and OK. I didn’t want to take advantage of him, I apologize for the next day when other people convince her. When someone offends you or attacks you You can’t be judged because you don’t want to accept his apology.”.

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about Discuss the relationship with Amedeo Gurria, The Stephens He wanted us to clarify his position: “Honestly, I didn’t expect him to come forward. This is the first time I’m doing a reality show, in front of the whole of Italy, and then … his hand was running away a little. As they say, the man went further. The woman arrives. He is someone I respect, well-meaning.” I talked to production and the others because I didn’t know how to manage the situation, then I talked to him and from there he never touched me again.”.

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