June 7, 2023

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A1M hockey, excellent service team, Monza stands up to leader Ticino

great Teamservicecar Standing up to the leaders Tricinowhich yields a scale for 2-3.

The two champions are former goalkeepers Stefano Zamboli, with 144 matches with biancorossoblu and Cesc Campor, the author of high-level interventions. Monza is in the lead with Tourney, but Emmanuel Garcia, with two goals in each half to turn the score. Unlucky Brianzulli, two hits from the crossbar at the end of the second half and his desire to perform well, culminated in a draw by Marco Ardette midway through the second half. A very intense challenge, a dogma for Bertolucci’s teams. Monza throws his soul on the track, but Monza’s defensive pride and organization can do nothing on Julio Coco’s superb goal, who closes the match with a missile under the crosshair.

In the countless black evening Correggio tied at Grosseto and Sandrigo won against Follonica and for Teamservicecar the positions in the standings have changed dramatically. But it is not yet time for the balance sheets: Saturday at Lodi a fiery derby is expected, on Monday “Monday Night” with Matera and on March 5th an internal challenge in Sandrigo equals double, for what we have seen so far no, the standings Monza does not respect this.

Full Source: Hockey Roller Club Monza Communication Area

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