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Hockey Asiago: Brunico won with pride. Erolo is the best on the field. | 7 municipalities online

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The blame onAsiago Hockey against the BrunicoWhich brought the score back to a draw twice, but in the end he surrendered to the insistence of the Gyalurussian, who won the match with a score of 6 goals to 3 after Exciting match He played at a very high pace.

To emphasize the excellent performance of Alex Erolo Who becomes the protagonist in some key stages of the game.

To train children Tom Barrasso The situation does not change at the classification level, with the region Pre-qualifiers Still far and away in 10th place +15 points behind the Stars.

Asiago Hockey - Brunico - William Raposi

Match report

The derby against Brunico Wolves started off brightly immediately, with Asiago finding the back of the net in just 37 seconds. feature with Gennaro At the passing of Ierullus. In the following minutes, Valposteria changed its approach and tried to close down the home team in its defensive area, but Di Filippo is ready and does not make any mistakes. The Gyalurussian also tries some good moves by putting pressure on the opponent's goalkeeper, and in the 10th minute the goal is reached Double with Rapozzi, who receives a millimeter pass from Airolo and puts it into the net, causing Hodgart to explode. Shortly afterwards, Barasso's men had the first chance to play for numerical superiority, but the attempt to extend the lead over the South Tyrol side was in vain, in fact, in the 14th minute it was the Pusterians who found the way to goal. Scofield Who took advantage of the scramble in front of the Asiago goalkeeper to score the goal 2 to 1. The hosts do not lose their heads and start pushing towards the opponent's cage again, but less than 2 minutes before the end of the first half, Castlunger is sent into the penalty area leaving his team with 4 men, who do not leave any space and end the first half with the lead of the net.

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In the second half, the pace of the match remained high, and the Giallorossi immediately tried to extend the lead with two excellent goals. In the fourth minute, Wolves were hit with another penalty kick, but the biggest danger lies with the home side, who allow the opponent to go it alone against Di Filippo, who does not let himself be surprised by feints and blocks the shot. Brunico starts to press the accelerator again but Stellati does not leave any space, and in the ninth minute they find another force in their favor: Stellati immediately goes close to scoring but the opposing goalkeeper manages to stop him. There is nothing to do, we will return to playing on equal terms. The intensity of the match is really enjoyable, and in the central minutes the Giallorossi displays other very dangerous moves in which the opposing goalkeeper is the hero of a few miracles. In the 12th minute, the hosts had to defend themselves with one player less, and Gazzola ended up in the penalty area, but on this occasion also Asiago's defense maintained good guarding and prevented their rivals from equalizing. In the final minutes of the central half, the pace of the match increased even more, as both goalkeepers made some excellent interventions that kept the score open.

However, the third half did not start well, as the Gyalurussian committed defensive negligence after a minute of play, giving its opponent the opportunity to score the goal. Association with MorleyWho receives from in front of the goal and passes behind Di Filippo. Michele Marchetti immediately tries to get his team back on track with individual work, but we have to wait until the fifth minute to see the new player's goal. featurewith Castlinger Who cooled the goalkeeper with a wrist shot to the edge of the post for a 3-2 goal. The match moves quickly and the pace increases, but in the ninth minute Asiago's defense gives another golden opportunity to the Bustieri, who thank them and score. the goal 3 to 3 with Two housesWhich places Di Filippo between the leggings. In the middle of the half, a Brunico player is sent to the bench for a 4-minute penalty, and in just 30 seconds he thinks about it. Oksanin He put his team in front with a quick entry and an accurate shot into the top corner of the goal 4 to 3. The Giallorossi would have another two minutes of power play, but they wasted the opportunity due to a foul by Marchetti. With one player less, Asiago is still capable of becoming dangerous with Airolo, who ignores everyone and is only stopped by the opposition goalkeeper's last-gasp intervention. The moment is opportune for the home team, which in the 14th minute takes advantage of a mistake in the opponent's defense to start a counterattack. So farwho aims and hits the goal into the net 5 to 3. The pressure from Asiago was felt and in the 15th minute they found the goal to make it 6 to 3, but they the reviewer They decided so Cancel network to Beaulieu Due to alleged obstruction of the opponent's goalkeeper at the moment of the shot. With nearly three minutes left in the game, South Tyrol tried a sixth-move player card by removing the goalkeeper from the ice and leaving the net empty, but the Giallorossi left no space and closed out the game with a goal. 6 to 3 to Alex Erolothe best player on the field this evening for Asiago.

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Highlights of the meeting

the Highlights Yesterday's match can be watched again on the website Ice Hockey League To this Links

Updated ranking

Credit: Photo by Serena Fantini

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