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A woman saved her life with an iPhone | Amazing story

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Technological development has, in recent years, witnessed an astounding acceleration, which has also created many discussions. There are those who see innovations as evil, a means that replaces a person, and creates division between people. In addition, many complain about the abuse of social media and how many young people are now growing up on social media.

On the other hand, in Many believe that technology is a very useful thing To be able to do things that were previously impossible. Technology can do very big things like make us space travel, Shortening the distance between reality and science fiction. However, he has also had success with smaller, more modest projects, such as Get in touch with us all consistently, quickly and inexpensively.

Among the technological innovations are those that we probably most of all succeed in touching with our hands every day, sometimes taking almost for granted, mobile. In fact, as the Internet has become so popular, it has become possible to use it in the field of telephony and communications, and construction management communications channels which until recently was seen as impossible to achieve.

Apple and technological innovation

Apple store?

Mobile devices are a huge diatribe carrier, which is still being debated today without finding a real solution. hostility It develops among those who use it android Which, on the other hand, is preferred iOSmeApple operating system.

the system android It can be found in many different devicesfrom smartphones to tablets, and from TVs to set-top boxes. They are not here No determinants Of the brands, where you can find such a system on Almost any kind of smartphone Currently on the market.

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On the other hand, iOS It is an operating system that you can use Only on Apple devices for example, iPhones, iPads and Macs. So the big difference is that iOS is a closed systemwhich does not allow more freedom for its users during Android, being open source, It allows various customization possibilities for the interface and for the overall experience.

though, iOS According to many technicians in the sector, The smoothest operating system remains Between the two, able to ensure greater security against any type of computer virus.

Woman saved by iPhone

Pictures for iPhone, iPad and Mac
Apple technology

Speaking of technology and technological progress, The name Apple comes up quite often Thanks to the functions that it has continued to implement in its devices over the years. Among the most famous is Job SOS emergency via satellite Which allows you to contact the emergency services even in exceptional situations, when you have no other way to contact them. This feature, however, is not available in Italy.

Another interesting function from the point of view of security is Incident detection This allows detection of serious road accidents such as frontal and side impacts, rear collisions and rollovers.

However, the function that causes a lot of discussion is positively called where. In fact, this function allows to locate the satellites of the iPhone. Thanks to this job, the San Bernardino Fire Department, California , They managed to locate a woman.

Emergency services were dispatched to the scene after a Accident report A road and a car were found there “beyond the road”. Inside, there it was c womanHe had spent the whole night locked in the car thanks to the intuition of his relatives found. Indeed, the family members thought, after not hearing from him for several hours Use the Find My network to track them down and send help.

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woman Found about 200 meters away From the highway, she is now hospitalized in a trauma center in California, due to the serious injuries she sustained but if she is still alive, a lot of the credit goes to her. Iphone.

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