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Monopoli, M5S and Spazio Civico with the mayoral candidate Cazzorla?

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This will be the scenario towards which the two political groups are heading. We are waiting for the selection of the Democratic Party.

There may be something new in the political scenario of Monopoly in light of the May 14th and 15th administrations. According to the leaked rumors, the 5-Star Movement could decide to focus on running for mayor of Pentastelata. Sonia Cavurla. But running for mayor will not be alone with her group, with which Sala Perici entered for the first time in 5 years.


Sonya e1586626365179Your candidacy will be supported by civic spacethe group that is relied upon today in the City Council Silvia Contento, Carlo Maione (who should be reassigned) and Francesco Tamburino (Who should not apply anymore).
According to reports from centre-left political sources, this selection is close to becoming official.
“An option – they reported – which can change only in extreme cases (even if it seems difficult today given the limited time frame), a very unifying name for changing the cards on the table and reuniting the left-of-center”.

At the same time, we are trying to understand what the position of the Democratic Party will be, which has not yet mentioned any names, nor has it expressed any support for other candidates.

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