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Poste Italiane freezes, no operation possible: what’s going on

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The system is not working something goes wrong, there are too many reports from users. the situation.

Italian Post Very difficult to look at the amount of reports from users about difficulties in accessing portals etc. In fact, a “landing” would be certain at this point. The systems are not working And even the most popular company pages are hard to come by. The causes of the difficulties are still unknown at the moment.

Italian Post Office (web)

At the moment they are trying to understand The reasons for such a problem. What is certain is that citizens are unable to access basic services and this clearly entails a series of major inconveniences. Illustrations await And useful information from the company. Right now, as expected, there’s nothing to know yet About the causes of such problems.

at recent days Now the connection to the Poste Italiane portal is practically necessary for every user. If we take into account the operations that can be performed through the site, What can be put into practice Through the specified application. Any type of transaction associated with our checking account can be effectively managed in a matter of seconds. The system that clearly failed causes massive damage to thousands and Thousands of account holders Perhaps at that moment they needed a certain service.

Poste Italiane freezes, no operation possible: this is what could have happened

At the moment this is not possible yetTo find out the reasons for this sudden blockade and it is not at all absurd to imagine the overcrowding of the system, a hypothesis that many reject anyway. The problem could be more complicated, possibly related to some kind of attack on the Italian Post Office system itself. It is certain that thousands of citizens, the company’s clients, are currently suffering from severe annoyance. Unable to access necessary services.

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Difficulties can also relate to isolated cases. In fact, it may be difficult to access the Poste Italiane account and therefore you will not be able to access the system and the services it provides. The situation is currently uncertain. The solution in some cases can be a reset From your account to register new credentials and retry access.

In any case, it is worth noting that the help service is in no case available on the number 800 00 33 22. Operators will respond from Monday to Saturday – excluding holidays – from 8.00 to 20.00. In the last hours they were waiting Important news regarding the mass which is causing enormous inconvenience in every part of the country to reach the Poste Italiane portal. Tilt systems are now on the agenda, just watch what happens with it Telephone operators or with social platforms. Mass is now a very constant thing.

Difficulties periodically It can really affect everyone. Every kind of competition, company, brand. Difficulties often affect citizens who are eventually unable to use specific service, every-time. So we expect good news in the next few hours, at least we hope.

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