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Thor Love and Thunder: The Cinema’s New Poster Makes Spoilers: But Is It Authentic?

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While all the attention is being drawn by other titles closer to the MCU, the wait hasn’t diminished Thor: Love and Thunder, chapter four on the god of thunder that should mark the return of Natalie Portman. But a movie poster showing a long-dead character: is that true?

With a small screen of Marvel Cinematic Universe Ready for an early debut in the big house, Kevin Feige’s house is busy releasing other promotional materials. A few days separate us now from The first MCU series of 2022while progressing in The alternate universes that we will find in Doctor Strange 2 It’s online X Men’s debut in the MCU. For this and for the stages of work that are still in progress, so far, neither promotional posters nor a trailer have arrived, of course, for the new chapter entirely dedicated to the God of Thunder. Chris Hemsworth.

Chapter 4 is character independent – even if Marvel titles are now tied to countless characters, In this case Guardians of the Galaxy It is the second directed by Taika Waititi After changing the atmosphere Made in RagnarokWhich is also expected to return with her foolishness in the next movie July 6 In Italian cinemas. And with the announcement of Natalie Portman returning as Jane Foster after a momentary absence from the last movie, it’s exactly cinema that spoils a character’s resurrection, but we saw her die early in the movie. Avengers: Infinity War. This is theHeimdall interpreted by Idris Elbawhich appears in the poster you find at the bottom of the article.

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Too bad, of course, Marvel wouldn’t intentionally distribute promotional materials with such flashy spoilers, if Heimdall could make a comeback too, which is unlikely. The poster, in fact, although well taken care of, is fake. To prove this is not only, in fact, the presence of Elba, but also the apparent absence of a central character like Thessa Thompson’s Valkyrie and all the exciting new entries to make their MCU debuts from the Hollywood Hall of Fame.

Obviously we’re talking about Christian Bell In the first place, who will play Gore butcher of God Find gods to kill them. but also Russell Crowe He’s assigned a role unknown – many believe in Zeus, with Olympus being one of Gore’s victim gods – and Matt Damon, who returns with a small cameo after already appearing in Ragnarok, plays the actor who plays the fictional Loki in a comedy set by God of Deception. What are your expectations for the movie? Tell us in the comments!

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