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A space to spread the wonders of those who work in the agri-food sector

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Some time ago, was thinking of The issue of waste in relation to foodI pointed out two sides. The first relates to the obvious and now obvious need Do not emit more food than we consume to avoid being unavailable to others. it’s known inequality issue. I linked the other question to a historical phrase with a pen JW Goethe that often adorns wine bars: “Life is too short to waste on mediocre wine.” I mean, for the sake of health and pleasure we can’t waste our existence eating foods Not up to quality Which is measured by the value of our lives.

It starts from these reflections eat terra work for the correct branch of agricultural food chain in communities. commitment he has A cultural and technical profile. Cultural development and technological development are vital and effective only if they are balanced in a relationship environmental sustainability. We must always remember that, protected environment It is suitable for every worker because, It is the storehouse from which we supply ourselves. Even proponents of artificial foods, which we clearly oppose, cannot ignore nature itself.

Taste placed in the center of our lives because it is born from every natural ingredient that stimulates our senses. Healthy nature is a constant pleasure for our senses. Consistency represents durability, which is different from the punctuality of an item Unhealthy or artificial. But to interpret these concepts we must, as we mentioned, Work on culture and technology. In fact, Acli Terra educational function Both work to establish a true identity representative union function. In particular, in these weeks In addition to dozens of active initiatives In progress everywhere in Italy we have a column broadcast on Twelve radio stations specifically to explore these issues with the protagonists.

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entitled “taste 23It is a space to discover and disseminate the masterpieces of the wisdom of women and men who practice Creatively engaged in agribusiness. Not only the practices, but also the ideas and reasons that lead to them. At Acli Terra we would like to know more Reasons to work that offer us goodness, luxury and taste. Regarding these ideas we would like We meet and compare ourselves with the heroes From the rural world, marine and at the same time Bring them into the culture of our communities. To understand this, an explanation is necessary Relationship with nature and work Not from a consumption point of view, But in that taste. This is also pedagogy, and for this task we are looking for, we “recruit” the masters of creativity, the food that generates it.

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