June 8, 2023

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Hidden tax on current accounts. What can happen

Current accounts are at risk in the absence of economic recovery and wage increases. The alarm is sounded by the Secretary-General of Fabi Lando Maria Seleone Speaking this morning at Mattino Cinque, he explained that the hidden tax is currently around $35 billion a year affecting the accounts, and therefore equal to 3.1% of inflation.

So the Secretary of the Italian Autonomous Banking Federation hopes for strong economic growth, because without it, as well as without an increase in wages,“The 1,143 billion euros left by families on checking bank accounts weighs, in fact, one hidden tax About 35 billion a year, which is equivalent to 3.1% of inflation, which is the level recorded in October in Italy, while in the euro area it is 4.1%, in Germany 4.6% and in the United States 6.2%.

As Cilione explained, it is a question that is known to some, but of little importance to this question. exactly the contrary. The country, in fact, has become poor. Added to this is the fact that commodity speculation generates inflationIt is a fact that will affect all citizens, starting from families who will thus reduce their consumption, to companies that will have to reduce production, and the state itself as public spending increases.

rise of interest ratesBecause of the rush of inflation it can be a problem for mortgages‘, announced Sileoni, ‘I am making a proposal to the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, so that he, along with the head of the ABI, Antonio Battole, who has just been appointed for another term, can find a solution that aims to put a one-year cap on the interest rates charged by mortgage banks“.”my biker‘, General Secretary Fabi added, “He knows the banking sector perfectly, and if he puts the chief executives of the main Italian banking groups around the table, he will definitely find a way to help families.”

Lando Maria Sciglione then specified that he never wanted to take a position in favor of one party over another. However, the motion leader’s recent suggestion was considered excellent Carlo Calendathat came up with the idea of ​​cutting taxes on young workers up to the age of 25 and halving it for those under 29.”It is an important measure that affects about 3 million people and will cost 5.5 billion eurosSilioni commented. “We must combat the economic instability of young people: 60% of those up to 25 earn less than those with citizenship income. Lower taxes on salaries and pensions will translate into greater availability of funds for families, in an indirect increase in wages and this should help On the resumption of consumption“, he added.

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The 8 billion earmarked for cutting tax burden It’s a good start, finally commented General Secretary Fabi, but more is needed if we take into account the total 173 billion personal income tax paid annually by workers and retirees.