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“it is time!”. Applause for the Spazio Girls 3 –

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There is a time to laugh, a time to play, a time to grieve, and a time to rebuild. Sunday afternoon May 28th was the time for dancing and excitement, with the Spazio 3 After-Dance show at Lux Theatre.

This show – already proposed on Wednesday 10 May in the primary schools of the Istituto Comprensivo Pertini – has received the sponsorship of the Municipality of Busto Arsizio and is included in the list of events of the “Posto European Sport 2023”.

“it is time!” It was presented by Franca Castiglione – choreographer and dance teacher – who explained the basic message of the show: “Everything has its time, it has its time”.

This mind food was carried forward through all 18 choreographies created by the 10 girls of the school, who were able to engage the audience and make them enter into the magical atmosphere of the theatre.

They told the story of a sacred tree that witnessed the passage of time during its life, with all the vicissitudes it brought with it.

The article is enriched with moments of live music, violinist Gaia Ghidini, and acting, with actor Andrea De Paoli, who played the role of the tree’s greatest friend.

The story told was able to interest the spectators, who almost completely occupied the Sakunago stage. The audience was accompanied by the beat of the music to experience the story, which was perfectly described by the dance steps, the girls’ expressions, and the way they moved – now happier, now crazier.

The soundtrack also touches the soul, perfectly interpreted by the dancers, with songs by different authors: Armand Amar, Thomas Newman, Joe Hisaishi, Lusine, DJ Food.

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The last part of the presentation was of particular interest, as it wanted to convey a principle of life: after disasters and difficulties, one must not lose heart, because what has been lost can be rebuilt, renewed and improved.

At the end of the article, there was one of the most long-awaited and exciting moments, especially for the girls: the handing over of diplomas for attending the school year, the recognition of their commitment and dedication, which led them all to dance together. The stage, from smallest to largest, without competition, but with one purpose: the excellent success of the show.

Thus, 10 girls from Spazio 3 Beyond Dance were called in alphabetical order to receive their certificates: Alberti Desiree, Andreoli Sofia, Apria Martina, Frontini Giada, Gorda Giuditta, Gorlita Viola, Alicia Martinoni, Matola Nicole, Tamburello Alice and Tognella Analora.

And at the end, surprises for everyone: the girls Franca Castiglioni, Gaia Ghidini and Andrea De Paoli received a small tree, as a reminder of their success, but above all of the journey and the emotions they went through together.

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