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Tests Canada. Day 5. Summer McIntosh sets a world record in the 400 medley (4.25.87). The fourth is WRJ.

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Five days of competition at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Center to rewrite 400m freestyle and 400m medley history for a total of 6 world records (2 seniors and 4 juniors).. Swimming wonder of the world Summer Mackintosh After two youth world records in the 400m freestyle and 200m medley and 200m butterfly, he has added the 400m medley (WR – WRJ) to his extraordinary personal record book. Before her (4.25.87), the first woman under the 4.26 wall and the only athlete in swimming history to hold both of these world records, the previous world limit in the 400 medley belonged to the mother-to-be. Katinga Hose He swam 4:26.36 at the Rio Games in 2016. The Bell Canadian Trials program in Toronto is still missing the 200m freestyle, where Mcintosh could surprise again.

McIntosh’s technical eclecticism is truly extraordinary, perhaps without equal in modern swimming history, from the Toronto athlete’s butterfly to the medley passing 200m to the middle distance of freestyle, qualifying him for the Olympic podium at just 16 years old. In at least six different events: 200 butterfly, 200 and 400 medley, 200, 400 and 800 freestyle.

Summer Mackintosh: “I’ve been hoping for a world record since I was 11 years old – especially in the 400m medley – and now to actually achieve it is driving me crazy… It’s the first time I’ve felt people clearly during my race, especially in the breaststroke”

400 Race Management of Medley Mackintosh Summer 4:25.87

27.82 59.47 (31.65) • 59.47
1:33.70 (34.23) 2:06.39 (32.69) • 1.06.92
2:45.13 (38.74) 3:25.31 (40.18) • 1.18.92
3:56.18 (30.87) 4:25.87 (29.69) • 1.00 56

Summer Mackintosh Competition in five days.

  • 400 MX D – McIntosh Summer 4.25.87 WR•WRJ
  • 400 SL D – McIntosh Summer (2006) 3:56.08 WR •WRJ
  • 200 MX D – McIntosh Summer 2:06.89 WRJ
  • 200 FA D – McIntosh Summer 2:04.70 WRJ

Following is the list of winners.

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Day 5 – Winners

  • 200 DO D – Mass Kylie 2.07.13
  • 200 DO U – McNeill Hugh 1:58.07
  • 400 MX D – McIntosh Summers 4.25.87 WR
  • 400 MX U – Wigginton Lorne 4:16.14

Day 4

Summer Mackintosh In a junior world record and national record, she won today’s 200 butterfly with a time of 2.04.70 (58.76), bettering her previous world junior mark (2.05.05) swam recently at the Pro Swim Series in Fort Lauderdale. Last February, the lap time earned him his current best season world performance. In the same men’s event, the under-17s won the final Ilya Karun (1.54.74)

“I am very happy with the weather. I am learning how to handle many events at a high level. This appointment will be a boost for the World Cup and Paris…”

Great form for a 21 year old too Joshua Leando, She won the women’s 100m freestyle in under 48 seconds (47.86). Maggie McNeil (54.58) Hot on the heels of the Canadian national team, the women’s 31.13 and men’s 27.76 are the best specialist times. Sophie August And Jam Derkusoff, Those who have already passed the dual distance exam.

Day 4 – Winners

  • 200 FA D – McIntosh Summer 2:04.70
  • 200 FA U – Ilya Karoon 1.54.74
  • 100 SL D – MacNeil Margaret 54.58
  • 100 SL U – Liento Joshua 47.86
  • 50 RA D – Angus Sophie 31.13
  • 50 RA U – Dergousoff Jam 27.76

Day 3

Great time trial after yesterday’s world record in the 400m freestyle race Summer Mackintosh Also in the 200m medley (2.06.89), the time trial result secured the fourth best performance in each era and the world performance of the year following his race management. The 16-year-old prodigy of world swimming is more and more surprising for the selectivity of the extremely high technical profile he sports, crossing medleys from the 200m butterfly to the freestyle trials. The same is true for men Pinley Knox He also set a national record (1.57.26). Margaret McNeil Repeats 100 butterfly title with freestyle sprint under 22 seconds (24.69) Joshua Liendo (21.80) Canadian Breast Stroke Struggles to Get Volume of Other Specialties, Duration of 1.07.68 Adequate Sophie Angus A time of more than a minute to win among women and over a minute to win among men. Jam Dergoussoff (1.00.89) World Pass too Sidney Bigram in the 200 medley (2:08.61) .

Summer Mackintosh : “I’ve never really thought about qualifying. It’s good to know that I’m getting close. But as long as I improve technically and with timing, that’s the most important aspect for me… I think the 200m medley is an event that I still have a lot to learn. World stage . I have a lot of room for improvement.”

200 Mixed • Summer Mackintosh 2.06.89

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26.80 58.63 (31.83)
1:37.26 (38.63) 2:06.89 (29.63)

The Toronto tournament counts as a national qualifier for the following international events.

  • Fukuoka World Aquatics Championships, Japan
  • Netanya Junior World Championships, Israel
  • October Pan American Games in Santiago, Chile

Day 3 – Winners

  • 50 SL D – Margaret MacNeil 24.79
  • 50 SL U – Liendo Joshua 21.80
  • 100 RA D – Angus Sophie 1:07.68
  • 100 RA U – Dergousoff Jam 1:00.89
  • 200 MX D – McIntosh Summer 2:06.89 RN WRJ
  • 200 MX U – Knox Finlay 1:57.26 RN

Day 2

Joshua Liendo Set a second national record in the 100m butterfly, after swimming 50.78 in the morning heats, clocking a 21-year-old 50.36 in the afternoon final, a best preseason world performance, a world record for young talent. Ilya Karun (2005) second with 51.45. He wins the same girl exam Maggie MacNeil With the best time of the year (56.54). Catherine Savard (57.81) Reach the FINA World Qualifying Limit.

Women’s backstroke won Kylie Moss (27.41) Comrade Mun Ingrid Wilm (27.59) was the fastest man in the men’s double distance yesterday Javier Acevedo With a new national record (24.90), the trio earned a pass to Fukuoka 2023.

young man Emma Finlin (2005) Won the 1500m freestyle (16:20.61) swam below the World Aquatic limit to compete at the Asian World Championships Eric Brown In the first heat of the 800m freestyle (7:56.98).

Day 2 – Winners

  • 50 DO D – Mass Kylie 27.41
  • 50 DO U – Acevedo Javier 24.90 RN
  • 100 FA D – MacNeil Margaret 56.54
  • 100 FA U – Liendo Joshua 50.36 RN
  • 1500 SL D – Emma Finlin 16:20.61
  • 800 SL U – Eric Brown 7:56.98
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Day 1

After several youth world records, the 16-year-old Summer Mackintosh Reaching her first senior world record, the coach-trained Canadian clocked 3.56.08 in the 400m freestyle. Brent Archie In Florida he bettered the Australian’s previous world mark by three cents Arian Titmus (3.56.40), she already owned WR Katie Ledecky With 3.56.46, they will be the three queens of the distance competing for the Olympic title in Paris. Neel is also in the honor roll of world record holders Federica Pellegrini In 2009 in Rome he swam under 4 minutes (3.59.15) for the first time in the world.

Race Management – MCINSTOSH 3.56.08 WR

27.34 56.46 (29.12)
1:26.11 (29.65) 1:55.91 (29.80)
2:25.56 (29.65) 2:55.84 (30.28)
3:26.10 (30.26) 3:56.08 (29.98)

Summer Mackintosh: I honestly didn’t think a world record was possible. I am grateful to my coach and everyone who has helped me get to where I am today…every time I get a chance to compete in my home pool, where I have been training for two years, and compete in Canada. , I c’ always have something in my races … I have put my whole life into it in recent years …

For others Ingrid Wilm He wins the 100 backstroke Kylie Moss, 58.80 against 59.00, but a world pass for both athletes, the men’s best Javier Acevedo 53.83 and with a world qualification in the pocket. 200 frogs Sidney Bigram A swimmer under the FINA limit (2:24.63) and a junior Taivasalo Bra (2004) 2:11.28. He won the men’s 400m freestyle event Eric Brown (3:50.81).

Day 1 – Winners

  • 200 RA D – Pickrem Sydney 2:24.63
  • 200 RA U – Taivassalo Bra (2004) 2:11.28
  • 100 DO D – Wilm Ingrid 58.80
  • 100 DO U – Acevedo Javier 53.83
  • 400 SL D – McIntosh Summer (2006) 3:56.08 WR
  • 400 SL U – Eric Brown 3:50.81

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