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A rocket hit the Moon at 9,200 km/h on March 4 | Melina Gabanelli

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Astronomers calculated that on March 4, at 1.26 pm, Italian time, for the first time on the moon You will quickly smash a piece of space junk 9200 km/h. It appears to be the second stage of the The Falcon 9 rocket was launched seven years ago by Elon Musk’s SpaceX To push the Cosmic Atmosphere Laboratory to a point in the universe one and a half million kilometers from Earth. But, recalculating the trajectory of this rocket, scientist Bill Gray admitted that he was wrong: Falling on the moon would be a piece of Chinese missile Which in 2014 put the Chang’en5-T1 satellite into orbit. (But the Chinese deny.) The collision is considered by astrophysicists a useful opportunity to take a look at the Earth’s interior, and possibly to collect seismic data. But the unexpected and unintended end of this piece of spacecraft is lost in the universe An important warning signal: the uncontrolled breeding of civilian and military space missions that have followed each other for decades As more and more countries with advanced technologies and extraterrestrial ambitions grow, a massive amount of debris is scattered throughout the universe which, if not retracted to Earth and burns up in friction with the atmosphere, becomes projectiles that can pose a deadly threat to spacecraft stations currently in orbit.

How many debris are in orbit

According to a survey conducted by US space control network Updated in October 2019, at least orbiting the Earth 20,000 dangerous space debrisamong which more than 2,200 satellites are no longer operating like forefront: A satellite launched by the Americans in 1958, shortly after the first Soviet Sputnik. In this garbage you can find everything: come on to cut That separated from spaceships in 60 years space missionsfor one camera Astronauts lost it while walking in space, Ai scrap From satellite destroyed to accidents or for military experiments. The case of the FY-1C meteorological satellite that the Chinese blew up in 2007 or the collision of two Russian satellites – Cosmos 2251 and Iridium 33 – that occurred in 2009 over Siberia. Parts smaller than 10 centimeters instead are millions. Even such a small object would be enough to destroy a satellite if it collides with it at one speed bullet.

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What is going on around the earth

Effective September 1, 2021 (data Union of Concerned Scientists) the number of operational satellites around the earth 4550, including commerce, military, weather, communications, navigation, GPS and telescopes. Monitor assigned space hazards your hands (representing Interagency Space Debris Committee): a kind of UN space junk that can American NASAAnd the European ESA and the Space agencies of Russia, China and all other countries Active outside the Earth’s atmosphere, and generally becomes good 72. It is becoming a more complex activity now that many entrepreneurs from the private sector have also started working in the space: with Space missions and planetary ambitions of Elon Musk aimed at the moon and Marsespecially with the thousands of communications satellites and planetary radio coverage that have been put into orbit starlink Insight business man SpaceX Based on Tesla.

Musk – Bezos . competition

Elon Musk will soon have to take on Kuiper, the network of Amazon founderswhich the US government has allowed into orbit 3236 satellites. Those of Bezos will be released to leave from the end of 2022. Musk is away, visibly expanding his plans: He’s already started Two thousand small satellitesand says he wants to reach 12,000 to create the world’s most powerful and widespread broadband network, even if the official project is about 4425 satellites It works permanently. It’s actually losing a lot of them, because they either don’t work or can’t get into orbit. To complete his net, he now intends to cast others 30,000 satellites, infuriating NASA, its partner, on this. Musk should also be concerned about the protests in Beijing: China notified the UN Two collision risks with the insane Starlink satellites that forced Tiangong, the space station of the Asian giant, to make surprising changes of course.. With SpaceX, it tries to run for cover by lowering the orbit of launched satellites in order to more easily destroy crippled satellites by making them re-enter the atmosphere. Meanwhile, Gwynne Shotwell, the company’s general manager, wants to try using it as a space sweeper too Spacecraft: the large silver spaceship, currently being tested, that should take man to the moon and then to Mars. A first response, but space agencies are asking all operators, public and private, to ensure that what is sent into orbit, at the end of the mission, will be able to return them to Earth. Not only that, they invite all countries to introduce each other Binding Sustainability GuidelinesEvery activity has an environmental impact.

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Space tourism for billionaires

The activity of digital economy tycoons in space adventures is changing the industry So far in the hands of the military-industrial complex monopoly not only in China and Russia but also in the United States of the Quartet NASA – Pentagon – Lockheed – Boeing.

Musk is produced faster and at much lower costs, but billionaires who invest in the universe aim above all to develop a new market for space tourism that will become an affront to poverty and damage to the climate.

The seven space tourists who arrived at the International Space Station from 2001 to 2009 paid between $20 and $25 million each Into orbit by Russian spaceships Soyuz. right Now Blue Origin by Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson Virgin Galactic View their sub-tropical flights to super rich: The cost of the ticket for the trip 11 minutes Inside a capsule launched at an altitude of 100 km above sea level, roving around 250 thousand dollars. So far there have been a few dozen launches, but now it’s the only one Virgin Galactic aims to carry out at least 400 departures per year. And behind Musk, Bezos and Branson, tap into other private entrepreneurs designing space stations low cost Made of inflatable units, orbiting hotels, and high-altitude balloons that can carry space tourists to more than 100 kilometers in height for just 40 thousand dollars (As shown in open source).

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The effect on global warming

Eloise Marais, geophysicist, University College London

calculates the effect on Global Warming From launching a human into space: Carbon dioxide emissions are 100 times those of one of its transcontinental flights.

Bezos, here, is pleading by claiming that his Blue Origin rockets do not emit carbon dioxide Because burning fuel is a mixture of oxygen and liquid hydrogen. mockery, because this hydrogen will be produced along with the gas, resulting in carbon dioxide emissions directly on Earth. To get green hydrogen, it must use renewable energy, but it doesn’t have enough to cut emissions from its data centres, which still partially use coal. Moreover, scientists also point the finger at other harmful emissions produced by these tourist trips, such as From soot destined to pollute the stratosphere and destroy the ozone layer.

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