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Cleaning robot Say goodbye to the mop and broom: this one also washes

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Cleaning robot with vacuum cleaner and floor washing function. Technological passion

Who wouldn’t want a robot that can mop and wash their entire home? This robot saves a lot of time and effort

there technology It is making great strides and at the same time witnessing the expansion of its fields of application. In less than a century, electronic devices of all sizes and for all uses have firmly entered everyone’s life. Often the feeling of not being able to do without it.

To understand what we are talking about, just think of the refrigerator, Indispensable in every apartment, however, it entered Italian homes only in the 1950s, just 70 years ago. However, today it is unthinkable to do without it, many do not even know what an icebox is and no one would think of getting ice in a hole in the city center.

The same goes for your oven, washing machine, dishwasher, heating system, or air conditioners, even a car. In 1927, less than a century ago, 135,000 cars were in circulation in Italy, about 1 per 230 inhabitants, and today the ratio is 1 car per 1.6 inhabitants.

Not to mention the mobile phone and how it instantly captured a huge audience. If we think that the first mobile phone model dates back to 1983, but you can only call, while for the first touchscreen smartphone it was necessary to wait for 2007. Today’s data tells us that in Italy alone, there are 1.3 Prime smartphones.

House cleaning robot

Recent advances in home automation are making the technology increasingly indispensable even within the home, with advanced systems allowing you to do so Control all devices at onceand other electronic systems and devices in the home. We can even Plan a complete cleaning planfrom crockery to laundry, right from your smartphone even when we’re out and about at work.

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Robotic vacuum cleaner-cleaning-cleaning-cecotec
The Cecotec cleaning robot can be programmed remotely. Technological passion

Who wouldn’t want to come home and find everything already clean and tidy? This is why the so-calledrobot vacuum cleanerYou only need to program it and it cleans the entire floors of the house independently. In fact, these robots are circular in shape so that they do not get stuck in corners or objects in general. The characteristic is the flat shape that allows them to slide under kitchen furniture, bed or sofa, so that they are not overlooked for any space.

Today they are on the market Cleaning robots Of all types and prices, there are also models that allow you to sweep and remove dust, but also allow you to wash the floors, such as the model developed by Cecotec, which can be purchased for only 100 euros. The Cecotec 2-in-1 robotic vacuum cleaner is equipped with a small water tank and allows you to choose between 3 levels of suction and washing. Just set it with the remote control, and thanks to Quick & Clena Titanium technology and more than 160 minutes of autonomy, you’ll have a spotlessly clean home when you return.

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