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Putin, the helicopter used by the Russian president crashes to the ground. Yellow in causes and possible victims

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L’helicopter to put it in crashed to the ground during landing a flies. and the and the Mil Mi-8, which hit the ground with its blades and tail as it landed on Friday at Vnukovo International Airport, located about 16 miles southwest of the center of the Russian capital. The Russian news agency Interfax reported the incident. Aviation magazine Aerotime Hub reported that the helicopter belonged to the “Russian” special aviation detachment, which operates aircraft used to transport Russian government officials. It was not clear who was on board the helicopter and if anyone was injured in the accident.

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Putin’s helicopter destroyed, what happened

“During landing, the helicopter hit the ground and damaged its rear part,” a technician at the airport told the Interfax news agency. And the Russian “MASH” channel published on a telegram a picture of what it said were the repercussions of the plane crash, with the word “Russian” appearing on the helicopter’s livery and the appearance of its tail feathers cut off. “According to our information, this is a Mi-8MTV-1, manufactured in 2013 and built for 22 passengers,” said the publication of Mash. Aerotime stating that there are many victims.


Citing data from, Aerotime Hub reports that only three “Russian” AgustaWestland AW139 helicopters made flights around the airport between Friday morning and afternoon, which means the Mi-8MTV-1 is likely flying with the transmitter on. and its reception.

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Aerotime reported that Russia operates 15 Mil Mi-6MTV helicopters that have special defensive wings and other modifications to protect their VIP passengers. Helicopters often fly with Putin around Russia, supplementing his fleet of long-range Il-96s and other jet aircraft..

Because it crashed to the ground

The Interfax news agency said the difficult landing may have been caused by bad weather or equipment failure. The Ukrainian news agency Ukrainska Pravda reported that this was pilot error.

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