October 1, 2023

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Ice hockey: results and weekend program – Aostasports.it

Ice hockey: results and weekend program – Aostasports.it

Two National and International Championships for the HC Gladiators U-13 and U-11 teams.

Under 13 years old She went to Torre Pellice to play I Memorial Mondon Marin, against Pinerolo, Chiavenna and Valpellice. After defeating Chiavenna 4-1 and 6-1, the boys triumphed in Varese shirts led by Centuri and lost 2-0, 0-1 with Valppelli and 3-1, 2-4 with Pinerolo. In the semi-finals, Varese defeated Valbles 7-2. In the final, the boys led by Century, perhaps frightened by the stakes, conceded two goals early in the first half. A second goal conceded at the start of the second half quenched all the enthusiasm. The final score is 9-1 in favor of Pinerolo.

under 11 (in the picture) Ice skating in Mannheim (d). They were defeated 1-4 and 2-8 by River Ratz Geretsried, won and impressed (1-0; 3-3) with Frankfurt, suffered a heavy defeat at the hands of the hosts and managed to win the German women’s selection. They were defeated 12-2 in the semifinals by Hannover, and finally lost last place 5-6 to Kassel. For many children, this was a great first experience of an international tournament that saw its doors reopen after the dark Covid years.

Weekend programme

IHL I div


Under 19 years old

Sunday in Merano, head-to-head for qualifying clinch, HCM MERANO – HC GLADIATORS

Under 17 years old

to Usta The main round (set of first rounds) which will lead to the selection of the qualifying grid begins. SATURDAY 3PM HC GLADIATORS – BRESSANONE / VIPITENO

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Less than 15 years old

to UstaOn Sunday at 1pm, the third match of the undefeated wrestlers wrestling main round is against EGNA