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Calcio Iselenza – Castiglione also wins at Pavonese Stadium (0-1)

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Peacock del Mella (Bachelor) Maximum result with minimum effort. Castiglione wins at the stadium of the Pavones team, which is suffering from a severe crisis, achieving its third victory in a week. Nicolò Lauricella’s goal was enough for the Mastiffs, after just 12 minutes of play. Castiglione presses the throttle from the start. In the third minute, Lauricella sent a tremor to the home team’s defense after a cross pass was blocked by Fino. The response from the Brescians came a few minutes later with a brilliant individual move from Pozzebon, who, after Cestana jumped, sent in a cross with good trajectory, but it was intercepted in great style by Guagnetti. Pavonesi’s overtures then prompted a Castiglione response that opened the game. The ball is in the area served by Vallotti at the feet of Niccolò Lauricella who shoots the ball under the cross. But two minutes later, Castiglione shuddered after a well-placed shot from Cressini, who fired high. For the latter part of the first half of the match, there was only Castiglione. Vallotti tried first with a shot blocked by Fino, who repeated himself shortly after with Lauricella coming off at the right time. In the second half, Castiglione maintained their lead, and Pavonesi only found a powerful shot 10 minutes from time with a shot from Bertigazzi from the edge of the penalty area. So, another three key points for Castiglione, who, after breaking the deadlock with Falco the previous Sunday, had three consecutive successes (in midweek poker in Forza and Costanza), reaching fourth place, just one point off second place.

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