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A cheater has discovered a new flaw that could spoil rescues –

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cheaters elden ring Discover a new one do it From the computer game that allows him to do so Destroy Rescue Operations from other players, forcing them into an endless cycle of deaths from which you can only escape by starting over.

In this case, the problem appears to be a fresh hack. Basically, cheaters invade normal player games and use hack to break them. Upon reloading the save, the character is found stuck in an endless loop of fatal falls and continuing the game seems impossible.

Fortunately, a way to fix it has already been discovered, even if it is not easy to apply. Before you die, exit the game with the classic ALT + F4 key combination, so you have more time to work by reloading the game. Do this and open the file a mapThen a list of places of grace. Sure. If you are fast enough, you will be taken to a random place of blessing and you can continue. You have to be very quick to complete the process, so in case you don’t do it on the first try, try again.

Instead, stay away from Elden Ring’s PvP until the patch arrives, which we hope will arrive soon.

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